Beauty Must Haves for Your Clubbing Purse

Going clubbing? I’m sure you’ve already found the perfect outfit to wear for the night but what about your purse? Cute clubbing outfits don’t usually look good with big purses like the ones you conveniently carry everyday which means that you’d have to use a small one like a clutch or a fancy pouch to carry your belongings but what exactly do you have to fit in it anyway? Well, a few beauty essentials, for one. In case you’re wondering what kinds of beauty essentials to bring when you’re about to head out clubbing, read our tips and suggestions below on beauty must haves for your clubbing purse.

  • Hair tie – you’re sure to sweat everything off the dance floor so you’ll want something that could keep your hair out of the way while you’re in there or afterwards when you’re back at your booth. A hair tie doesn’t take up much space in your purse. You can stash it in into one of the smaller pockets of whatever purse you’re carrying and it won’t even make the slightest difference in the available space inside. Make sure you bring one, especially if you plan on partying the night really hard.

hair tie hair ties

  • Blotting papers – one of the things you can’t miss doing at the club aside from partying is taking pictures with your friends so you’d have fun shots to look back to later on. Make sure you look fresh and good in all your pictures by keeping your face from being oily and shiny. Carry a pack of blotting papers in your purse. They come in small packages so they won’t eat up too much space in there either, just like hair ties.

blotting paper

blotting paper shine free


  • Lip stain and gloss – if you’re expecting a long night at the club, make sure you have something to touch up the color of your lips with. Your lipstick will eventually fade with all the eating, drinking and sweating so carry a tube of lip stain in your clubbing purse all the time. You’ll want to look good all night after all, right? If you can, you should also try to bring a tube of gloss so you can add shine to your pouty pucker. Try looking for those double ended sticks that feature a lipstick on one end and a lip gloss on the other if you don’t have one already.

lips lip color

  • Eye liner – your eye makeup will start to fade just after a few hours from the time you start hitting the dance floor and working up a sweat. Be ready to keep your fierce look on by bringing eyeliner. With an eyeliner pencil, you can easily create a smoky eye in the powder room while touching up. Just line and smudge and you’re good to go. Liquid or gel liner can be tricky since you can’t expect a steady hand after all those drinks plus the usually bad lighting at club powder rooms / rest rooms but if you’re sure you can apply it correctly then by all means, bring one. It’s longer lasting so you’ll need fewer touchups.

eye liner eyeliner

  • Lash glue – those va va voom falsies of yours can quickly make you look like a drag queen gone bad when they start wiggling around and falling off of your eyes. Make sure you look hot with your pretty peepers all night long by keeping a small tube of lash glue in your clubbing purse. You never know when those falsies are gonna fall off so it’s better to always be prepared.

false lashes falsies