Beauty Products to Help You Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

Even when you follow a strict schedule, there will be days when you will have to lose some precious hours of sleep and that means waking up looking like crap the morning after. If you always find yourself in these situations, you need something to keep you looking fresh and refreshed in the morning. Check out these beauty products to help you fake a good night’s sleep and make sure you have them in your vanity all the time so you’re ready to look pretty and fab, even after a long night.

  • MOISTURIZER – this is something you should have in your vanity all the time, sleep or no sleep but most importantly when you’ve had a sleepless night. When you’re sleep-deprived, your skin tends to get drier so you have to slather on your moisturizer to restore its softness and so that your makeup goes on smoothly as well.

leighton meester makeup simple beauty look

  • FACE MASK – got spare time? slap on that face mask and do your non-makeup routine around the house – make your bed, tidy up your desk, pick out your outfit, do your hair. Your skin will look and feel refreshed and revitalized after you take it off.

fresh and radiant glow

fresh flushed look

  • LIGHT COVERAGE FOUNDATION – the last thing you’ll want to do after a long and sleepless night is pile on heavy makeup because that would be a dead giveaway. Instead, make sure your skin is clean, well-prepped and moisturized and then go for a light foundation to give you just to even out your skin tone and give you a fresher look.

glowing skin and simple makeup natural makeup look

  • CONCEALER – pulling off an all-nighter is sure to make those dark under eye circles appear so make sure that you have some concealer to mask them. Dab a small amount to areas that need to be covered up and blend with a brush or a clean finger.

glowing radiant look flawless perfect makeup

  • WHITE / FLESH EYELINER – line your lower water line with white or fresh colored eyeliner to make them look fresh and awake. You can also do this to the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes look like they had a good night’s rest.

bright and fresh makeup makeup for radiant glow

  • MASCARA – another way to make your eyes look wide awake after pulling off an all-nighter is by wearing mascara. Coat your lashes once or twice and make sure you give your lower lashes some loving, too! Don’t apply too much of this stuff, you don’t want your lashes clumping up.

glam simple makeup makeup after an allnighter

  • BLUSH AND BRONZER – blush will give you that healthy naturally flushed look while the bronzer will give your face some of that warmth. There’s no need to contour your face unless you really want to or unless there’s an event that calls for it.

light and fresh makeup look beautiful makeup look

  • HIGHLIGHTER – after adding some color and warmth to your face, it’s time to give it some healthy glow. Lightly dust on some highlighter on the bridge of the nose and just right above the apples of your cheeks for a natural ‘glow from the inside’ look. This will prevent your skin from looking dull from a tiring night.

angelic makeup look fresh makeup look

  • LIGHT AND BRIGHT LIP COLOR – for lips, you’ll want something bright but light like a tinted lip balm or a lip stain with just the right amount of pigment to brighten up your whole look.

rosy cheeks and fresh makeup gorgeous simple makeup