Clarisonic Mia Review

Have you jumped on the Clarisonic bandwagon? I have heard everyone and their cat talk about this and about 6 months ago, I decided to make the splurge and see what all the fuss was about!

Clarisonic Mia Review
Let me start out by saying that I love my Clarisonic Mia. I purchased it to be a deep-cleaning tool and I think it does just that. Before using this, I used the Olay spin brush and before that, I used a facial washcloth in the shower and I have found that the Clarisonic cleans better and faster than both those methods even when I combined them.

It is most noticeable at the end of the day when I wash my makeup off. I normally do a preliminary wash with my hands to get the bulk of the makeup off. As a test, after this first wash, I used the Olay brush for about a minute and naturally, saw more makeup show up in the brush and my face felt quite clean.

As a third step, I used the Clarisonic for the timed session of one minute. Even after all that washing I did before, makeup residue still showed up on the brush!

This meant to me that after all this time, even though I exfoliated frequently, my skin wasn’t getting as clean as it could be. For additional information, I do not wear excessive amounts of foundation or powder.

For my regular routine now I still do the preliminary wash with my hands and use the Clarisonic directly after and I have the peace of mind that it is squeaky clean.

The process itself is quite relaxing with the pulsating vibrations and it truly feels clean afterwards. According to the makers, these sonic vibrations help to massage away dirt and impurities from the pores and I can attest to this in comparison to full oscillation method found in the Olay cleansing brush.

In my research before the buying the product, many reviewers spoke of breakouts for the first week or 2 of using it but I never experienced this. I use the Clarisonic both morning and evening and never had any negative effects or sensitivity. In fact my skin feels much smoother now than it did before.

At the time of purchase, the tool was sold for about $149 in stores but  I got it on Amazon for about $20-$30 cheaper. Since the Mia 2 was released, this particular model now sells for about $125 at Sephora, Ulta and

If you are contemplating getting the Clarisonic and wish to make the splurge, I would definitely recommend it. However, the value of this product depends on how thorough you care to be about your skin care. For thousands of years, people have been content with washing their faces with their hands alone and also, the skin is equipped to handle a certain about of bacteria and debris within its pores.

That said, especially if you have problem skin like I had for several years, every little bit you can do to keep the skin clean reduces the opportunity for issues to arise.

For this, I give this product 4.5 on the L&P scale.

Clarisonic Mia


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