E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit in Medium Review, Swatches

Hi Beauties,

I’m not really one to fuss over my brows. They are naturally full and don’t really require much maintenance. However, like most women out there, I like to fill in the few gaps I have where the hairs refuse to grow and I found a great brow kit from Elf to help with this!

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit  in Medium Review, Swatches

This handy little kit is in the ‘Medium‘ shade and comes with a brow powder and a waxy, tinted gel to set the hairs. Of course, you’d apply the powder first with a brow brush and then smooth down the hair with the pigmented wax. It also comes with an itsy-bitsy dual-ended brush and a mirror.  Handy for traveling but I can never get down with those tiny baby brushes. 🙂

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit  Compare

When I first saw how light the powder was, I got a little worried because I usually use a much, much darker eyeshadow to fill in my brows. Despite this, I found that especially after applying the gel, the result was quite natural and fit in perfectly with my extremely dark brows.

As you can see from the photos above, the “after” photo is subtly different, but if you are a brow fanatic, you may notice the smooth filling in of the gaps especially in the top of the arch of my brow. I’m not sure how this would work for much sparser brows but it worked pretty well for me.

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit

Overall, I think this is a really nice little kit. Since I’m not fussy with brow products, the $3 price tag was perfect for me. I don’t notice much difference after applying the powder but, in this kit, I think the firm gel is really the magic-maker and it lasts all day. I didn’t see a ‘Dark’ shade in the store but I would like to try that out as well.

I give this Elf Brow kit a 4 out of 5.

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