MAC Taupe Lipstick – A Review + Comparison

I’m not much of a nude lip girl, but there are just those times when you need a nice blanket of uncomplicated color when the eyes are strong or you just want to blend in for those “natural” looks ;-). Today I have a short review on MAC’s Taupe lipstick, which works as a great nude for dark skin.

MAC Taupe Lipstick - A Review + Comparison

Taupe is of an amplified formula – my favorite because it is super pigmented but not drying. The finish on the lips is not completely matte but there isn’t much light reflected back. I would say it looks pretty natural.

MAC Taupe Lipst and swatch

As with other amplified lipsticks by MAC, the lasting power is great (especially for a nude color) at about 6-8 hours. I’m pretty sure you can exceed this by following a few simple tips in this blog post.

Application is really smooth and the color comes off very opaque. This is one of my “few” nudes that is more of a true brownish shade. It doesn’t have pink or mauve undertones and creates a nice naked look without looking too washed out on my NW45 skin tone.

MAC Taupe Lipstick swtch comparision

Above, you can see how Taupe appears compared to some other fairly similar nudes. The closest dupe I could find where color and finish are concerned is Wet N Wild’s Mocha-Liscious. At $1.99, it is a great  and much cheaper alternative to MAC’s Taupe which retails for $15.

My other favorite nude is MAC’s Verve, which has a pinker undertone and I find to be a little more moisturizing thanTaupe.

Overall, I give Taupe a 5/5 for color payoff, longevity and finish!

LAP Rating

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What is your favorite Nude Lipstick?