How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

Hello Beautiful People!

I’ve been asked a few times how I get my lipstick to last so long throughout the day and I thought I would just share some of these tips that have worked for me with you. Now these tips do not have to all be combined together to increase the lasting power of your lip color but they are all little factors that help to extend it. However, if you do ALL of them (which may or may not be entirely possible), your lipstick could last for weeks! (Kidding!!!)

How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

Well, let’s get started!

– It’s How You Finish
The shinier, smoother, or more ‘moisturizing’ a lipstick is, the less likely it will last for an extended time without reapplication. These balmy types, though they feel great on the skin, tend to have more moisturizers than pigments and after the moisture evaporates, there isn’t much color left on the lips. Formulas of the satin to matte finishes last longer because they are more packed with pigment instead of lotions. Yes, they are drier but they wont evaporate nearly as fast. A sticky solution is down below.

– Go Bold! 
Color is another significant issue. Bolder, brighter colors like bright reds, pinks, plums and so on have richer pigments that are packed more closely together and as a result stay longer on the skin even when
the moisture has evaporated or been rubbed off. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Nudes and creamy shades tend not to last as long (except, maybe if it’s matte).

– Prep Prep Prep!
The way you prepare your lips before even applying color can help lengthen the amount of time your lipstick shows up for the party. Make sure to exfoliate when you shower or wash your face to keep the flakies at bay. If those fall off during the day, so does your color! You can exfoliate with just about any scrub or even a washcloth with warm water.

– Dab-a-Balm
Apply a non-greasy lip balm about 10 minutes before slapping on the ink so that it soaks into the skin and provides a smooth surface for the color. Right before putting on the lipstick, dab a tissue or the back of your hand on your lips to take off any extra slip. While you don’t want chapped lips, you also
don’t want your lips too moist when you apply the color. You want it to stick to your skin – not glide over the balm.

Lip Liner

– Line Up!
Applying a lip liner beforehand helps to set a perimeter or boundary for the lipstick to live throughout the day. It prevents the color from bleeding out beyond your natural lip line and if you pencil in the entire lip, it helps set a base color that will last even if all your lipstick evaporates or rubs off.

– Powder Power
A trick experts have been using for ages is to apply a thin layer of lipstick, blot with a tissue, pat with a little translucent powder and then apply another thin layer. Just like with nail polish, using multiple, thin layers instead of one thick layer helps prevent against smudging and makes the color last. Also, the lipstick will fade in layers so by the end of the day, you should have at least some color left.

– A Sticky Situation
Adding a (thin) layer of lip gloss to your lipstick can help prolong its life on your puckers. This would be another layer that the forces would have to get through to attack your color. Using a long-wear formulated gloss can really be the difference between  a color lasting 3 hours to lasting 7 or 8! And I know many people won’t like this, but the stickier a gloss is, the chances are, the longer it will last because it evaporates much more slowly than a light, slippery gloss does. My favorite so far is Loreal Infallible 8-hour Lipgloss.

The next few tips are related to activities we do after applying lip color that can help make it last.

– Bite Your Tongue!
This may seem obvious now, but I’m sure many of us don’t think about this. Its important not to lick your lips too much (or at all) while wearing lipstick. Not only does it help wipe away the color, but by licking your lips, you’re adding a thin layer of saliva which will evaporate quickly. This of course, forces the existing moisture from your lip product to evaporate or fade more quickly than it normally would.

– Suck it Up!
Drinking from a glass (or bottle) is one sure-fire way to wipe off a ton of lip product really fast. Instead, use a straw when you can. At most, you’d dab off some lipstick on the inner parts of the lips – which you probably needed to do anyway to prevent it from getting on your teeth!

– What the Fork!
Don’t bite into your food. Stab it instead! With a fork! Using a fork prevents your food from soaking up, wiping off and smudging your lipstick off your face. If you can’t find a fork, go caveman style and tear that baby apart!

– And If You’re REALLY Serious….
Don’t talk
Don’t smile
Don’t frown
Don’t kiss
Don’t eat
Don’t drink
Don’t smack your lips
Don’t touch your lips
Don’t breathe through your mouth
Don’t go out in the sun
Don’t go out in the rain
Don’t go out in the wind
Don’t go out in the snow
Don’t use air condition
Don’t use heated air
Don’t move quickly
Don’t move at all