Romantic Double Twist Pullback Hairstyle + Heatless Waves

We all need a super easy hairstyle to spruce up the regular routine of plain ‘ol down-do’s and ponytails. This hairstyle involves just 4 small two-strand braids bundled together with a hair accessory of your choice. It’s easy enough to do in less than about 5 minutes but adds just enough elegance to wear to a special event.

Romantic Double Twist Pullback Hairstyle + Heatless Waves
See the steps to achieve this below.
Start out with fresh, detangled hair.
Heatless Waves
These heatless, wild waves were achieved by creating two braids on damp, freshly washed hair.
Section off a small bit of hair at the front near the ear and twist away.
twist pull back
Repeat on the other side and tie with a small elastic similar to your hair color.


Double twist
Create an identical twist just below each of the 1st twists and tie those off as well.
Double twist  hairstyle
At this point, you could leave it like this but if you want to add a little extra umph, pin a flower or another hair accessory of your choosing.
Romantic Double Twist Pullback Hairstyle
And there you go!
This hairstyle can work on straight hair but I prefer the look on hair thats a little more textured but thats also up to your choosing.
Using 3-strand braids instead of 2-strand twists will also help create a different look but the twists are usually faster to strand together. Also, adding more twists makes the style look a bit more intricate.
Let me know what you think. Would you wear this hairstyle?