The Brush Guards Review

Don’t you just love washing your makeup brushes? Its the best isn’t it? Ha! What a joke. I don’t think there are many who look forward to this task but I have found that The Brush Guard helps easily dry brush hairs and keep them in place. Just like new!

The Brush Guards Review

The Brush Guard is a mesh slip-on sleeve designed to keep your makeup brushes’ shape in tact and most importantly, allows the brushes to be dried upside down! Letting the brushes dry at least at a downward incline prevents water from sliding back down the ferrule and loosening the glue that keeps the bristles together.

The Brush Guards

I like using these Brush Guards especially for fluffier brushes like powder and blending brushes because it does an excellent job of keeping the bristles laying flat after they’re dry. No one wants frazzled brush hairs!

The Brush Guard


How to Use:
 Wash brushes
 Pat dry
 Slide on Brush Guard
Store upside down to dry

Another use for these nifty covers is during travel and/storage to keep the bristles in tact. However, if the brushes endure a lot of shifting, the hairs can slip through the holes.

Brush Guards use

You can find The Brush Guard on Amazon or at in variety packs or individual sized guards for small eyeshadow, medium eyeshadow, foundation/kabuki, etc. The price for each pack is $8.95

For an idea of how I wash my makeup brushes, click here.

Brush Guards

Overall, I love these little sleeves and have been using them for over 4 years and they have been keeping my brushes looking like new ever since.

I give The Brush Guard 5/5!

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