Beauty Tips Every Bride-to-be Must Know

Spring may almost be over but wedding season is still in full blast and if you’re a bride-to-be who’s excited about exchanging vows with your partner this summer, I’m pretty sure you already have most of the things for your wedding sorted out. I’m also pretty sure you already have your appointments booked for your big day. After all, what bride-to-be doesn’t want to look perfect and gorgeous on her wedding day, right? Bridal beauty prep should start months before your wedding so that whatever products / treatments it is that you’re using would have time to take effect and give you visible results. If you’re a soon-to-be bride, check out these beauty tips every bride-to-be must know and see how you can look your best on your wedding day, in photos and in person.

  • Avoid black smoky eye looks – smoky eyes a little bit too dramatic and edgy for bridal looks anyway, don’t you think? If you’re really an avid fan of smoky eyes, though, at least try to avoid using black and go for earthy tones instead like different shades of brown to create a lighter smoky eye that’s more wedding-appropriate. Even with earth tones, be careful not to go too heavy. Remember that there’s going to be a lot of crying later. You don’t want dark makeup dripping from your face. Dark colors like black also tend to make the eyes look really tired so unless you’re holding a rock and roll / punk themed wedding, avoid black eye shadow on the eyes.

smoky eye and nude lips earthy smoky eye

  • Start a special skin care regimen – your current skin care may be working fine for you now but if you want to look fresh, young and glowing on your wedding day, you should really look into starting a new special skin care regimen that will make you exude that bridal glow on your big day. You may be advised to use other products and some may come with a hefty price tag but it’s all going to be worth it.

simple romantic makeup look

soft and radiant bridal makeup

  • Set regular appointments – set an appointment for facials every month six months before your wedding. This will help you get perfectly clear skin. If you’re keeping your hair long for your wedding day, at least try to get it trimmed a week or two before your wedding day to get rid of split ends. You may also want to get hair spa or other pampering and rejuvenating treatments done to your hair to make it shiny and healthy for the big day. Your feet and your hands matter, too. The get a close-up shot in pictures and you don’t want them looking worn or anything like that so try to go for a hand and foot spa at least thrice six month before your wedding day. Teeth appointments are important, too, so don’t forget.

gorgeous flawless skin easy natural makeup

  • Moisturize your lips – not just on the day but weeks or even months before your wedding day. You don’t want your lips looking dry, flaky and chafed on those close up glamour shots. Also, if there’s one thing that there’s going to be a lot of during your wedding day, it’s kissing so make sure your lips are soft.

natural blushing bride light bridal makeup look

  • Consider doing your own makeup – if you’re on a tight budget and you have a good hand on makeup, why not consider doing your own for your big day? If you’re so used to doing it anyway, it’s not going to be so much of a hassle plus it’s going to save you some cash as well and you get to do your makeup exactly the way you want it.

perfectly glowing skin natural bridal makeup look