Beauty Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

We all love to travel and reach places where our loved ones are or explore new territories and if you ask me, I would fly to all sorts of destinations if I could. Some places take longer to reach than others and these are usually the ones that are worth the trip. If there’s one thing that gets me about long haul flights, though, it’s the effect of these on my skin and my whole beauty routine in general. Being up in the air for long periods of time can really dry up the skin. If you’re someone who always travels and you’re sick of looking so awfully tired after each and every flight, check out these beauty tips for surviving a long flight.

  • Moisturize before, during and after the flight – one of the main things that really makes you look tired after a long flight is dry skin. It makes you look older and very stressed out. To avoid this, make sure you moisturize your face before the flight so that your skin can absorb every drop of goodness before you board. If you feel your skin tightening up and drying up while travelling, bust out your moisturizer and apply some. You can also do this after the flight before you head home or to wherever it is that you’re going to.

well moisturized face plump moisturized skin

  • Pack on the volume – take a good look at women who just got off a plane and you’ll notice that most of them will have flat and limp looking hair. This is because as you sit and rest your head against your seat, your hair gets flatter. If you want your hair to look just as great or even better than it looked before the flight, pack on the volume! Use volumizing hair products beforehand and once on board, tie your hair up in a high ponytail or bun so it doesn’t get flat when you rest your head against something. Release the ponytail / bun after your flight and voila! Sexy, voluminous hair in an instant!

hair after flight

sexy voluminous hair

  • Rest in a mask – if you don’t like reapplying moisturizer throughout the flight and after, you can keep your face hydrated by putting on a moisturizing facial mask as you rest in your seat during the flight. Sure, you’re going to look like a total ghost for a moment but everyone’s going to be sleeping anyway so don’t worry, all they’ll see is a radiant and glowing you that they’re sure to envy after the flight.  Get sheet masks, if you can. They’re the least messy of all face masks.

natural face mask face mask treatment

  • Brighten up your eyes – because of the dry plane air in the cabin, your eyes will start to turn red after a while so make sure you have a bottle of Visine or any other eye drop solution to keep your eyes looking fresh. You can also apply flesh or white eyeliner on your lower waterline just before you leave the plane so it looks fresher and brighter.

white eyeliner for bright eyes fresh eyes without redness

  • Tend to your lips – lastly, don’t forget to keep your lips moisturized as well as they can get pretty dry and chapped from the dry plane air. As sexy as red lips are, I’d recommend you skip lipstick first and stick to lip balm instead as they’re more moisturizing. If you really want some color on your pretty pucker, go for tinted lip balms instead.

tinted pink balm tinted lip balm