Beauty Tips to Look Good for the Morning After

Planning to end the weekend with the best party even on a girls’ night out along with your friends seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? I mean, after all, it’s the last day before you go back to school / work and face the realities of life again so why not go all out and release all the stress that last week gave you, right? Well, maybe. But, don’t forget what you’d have to deal with the morning after, too! Headaches, hangovers, the makeup residue (because you probably won’t have enough time to remove your makeup between opening the door and passing out on the couch) and of course, the oh-so-very-little time you have to get prepared for work / school. Well, here are some beauty tips to look good for the morning after.

  • Sleep with an extra pillow – start preparing yourself for the morning after by going to bed with an extra pillow. Propping your head higher up while you sleep will help fluids from accumulating in your eyes and will help prevent puffiness in the morning. Even if you only make it to the couch you can try, as much as possible, to add an extra pillow or at least lay your head on the arm rest of your couch before you doze off.


  • Wash your face – you probably never had the chance to remove your makeup from last night, at least not properly, so make up for it in the morning and give your face a good wash. Use the best cleanser and makeup remover you have and scrub away the makeup residue you have left on your face. if you have a facial cleansing brush like a SkinSonic or a Clarisonic, use it instead of manually washing with your hands. These brushes do a better job at ridding your face of makeup that manual labor.

wash face wash clarisonic

  • Hydrate yourself – right after you wake up, get yourself a glass of water and drink up. All that alcohol from last night can leave you dehydrated which explains why your skin and hair (maybe even your brain) feels dry. Let thirst be your guide and drink as much as you need to until you feel better and rehydrated. While you’re at it, you might want to pop an Advil or two as well to help with that headache.

drink water

  • Cover up – nothing screams ‘hung over from last night’ louder than a bad makeup look. Cakey foundation, heavy blush, dark lipstick – all these giveaway the fact that you were rushing to cover up a hangover from last night and that’s the exact opposite of what you want so go for a more natural look instead. Use a tinted moisturizer and dab concealer on to spots that need extra coverage.

flawless flawless face

  • Get rid of puffy eyes – forgot to sleep with an extra pillow last night? Just take a couple of warm tea bags and place it over your eyes to freshen them up. Super pressed for time? Try Garnier’s Anti-puff eye roller for instant results!

teabag on eyes

  • Add in some colors to liven up your look – give your cheeks a nice rosy glow and your lips a light and flirty pout. Use a light-colored blush and choose a lip color that’s light and daytime-appropriate.

bkush blush and lips

  • Open up your peepers – avoid looking sleepy (though you might actually be) and open up your eyes by brushing on a few coats of mascara to your lids and using a white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes. These tricks are sure to make your eyes look more awake and alive.