Beauty Travelling Tips: How to Look Fresh After an Exhausting Flight

Travelling by plane has got to be the fastest way to get from one place to another and if you’re someone who loves to travel, chances are that you’ve boarded your fair share of flights. Reaching new places is something a lot of us want to do. It’s very liberating, relaxing and educational, too. However, the travel we need to go through to get there can be tiring at times, especially if your destination is located hours and hours away. Here’s a common scenario: you arrive at the airport before your flight looking fresh and fab, you board the plane to your destination, and you get off the plane looking tired and drab. Don’t worry, everyone deals with that. But there’s something you can do to get away from it. Here are some beauty travelling tips that you can use to look fresh after an exhausting flight.

  • Keep your makeup light – one of the biggest mistakes we women make when travelling is putting on a full face of makeup. While it does make you look really glamorous before your flight, it’s going to leave you looking like the opposite after. To make sure you don’t get makeup melting and caking while you travel, keep your pre-flight makeup light. You can always touch up in the plane’s lavatory before you reach your destination anyway. Even then, try to keep a natural face as the dim lighting in the plane’s bathroom can be so hard to work with.

light makeup


longlasting light makeup look


  • Moisturize  – some moisturizers take longer than others to absorb so make sure you apply yours early on before the flight to make sure that it penetrates the skin fully for maximum hydration. While you’re on board, don’t forget to re-apply your moisturizer, too, especially if it’s going to be a long flight. Moisturizing after the flight is optional since you might opt to apply makeup in the plane’s bathroom before you land. If in case you choose to keep a bare face, do moisturize after the flight to make it look fresh.

moisturizer moisturize

  • Avoid ‘long wear’ or ‘long lasting’ products – though it might be tempting to just go for these long wearing and long lasting products so they stay on your face throughout the flight, remember that they dry out the skin on the ground and will do so even more when you’re at 35,000 feet so try to avoid them as much as you can. If you are not keen on touching up while on the plane, there are plenty of tricks you can do to make your pre-flight makeup last without drying your skin out too much. For lips, you can smooth on a light layer or foundation to the lips, line and fill them in with lip liner, top it off with a matching lipstick color and blot. This will not only make the color stay on your lips longer but it will prevent your lipstick from bleeding on you, too. As for face makeup, a setting spray will help you keep your makeup in place through the rest of the flight. You can also re-spray throughout the flight for extra moisturization.

longer lasting longer


  • Keep hair serum in your bag – it may not come in handy in-flight but it will when you get off the plane and find your mane looking like that of a lion’s. Hair serums come in tiny little bottles so you won’t have trouble carrying it around. Just squeeze a bit of it onto the palm of your hands, rub your palms together to warm it up and then slick it all over your hair to tame your locks and make them look shiny and luscious.

hair hair when travelling