Beauty Trends You Can Fake Anytime

Beauty trends come and go but there are those that stay longer than others do. We all like to follow beauty trends, especially those that make us look more beautiful and gorgeous but sometimes, following these trends come with a price – literally and figuratively. This is why we’ve come up with a list of our favorite beauty trends to follow (some might be your favorites, too!) and tips on how you can easily recreate the look. Check out these beauty trends you can fake anytime.

  • Gorgeous tanned skin – to have a little bit of color on for spring and summer seems to be on everybody’s to do list after sporting the pale winter look from last season and while lounging around under the sun seems to be the cheapest and easiest way to get your tan on, it’s not exactly the healthiest. We all know prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin problems. Good thing there are so many self-tanning products out there like oils, gels and lotions that you can use to fake a tan. You can also go to a professional tanning salon and get your color on if you fear that your tan may not look as natural if you do it on your own, especially if it’s your first time.

evenly tanned skin lovely tan color natural looking tan

  • Healthy glowing skin – if you’re naturally blessed with color on your skin then perhaps your goal is just to make it radiate that healthy glow like those women in TV ads and magazine pages. With the very busy and stressful lifestyle you have, though, this may come as a challenge. Healthy glowing skin starts from within. Lots of sleep, healthy diet and exercise – these are all that you need to get that beautiful glow but what if you just can’t? Do you just deal with looking dull and tired all the time? You don’t have to! Using moisturizing products can help make your skin look healthier. On top of that, you can use highlighting products on your face and a little bit of shimmer on your body to get that nice, youthful glow.

healthy glowing skin beautiful radiant glow

  • Bold bushy brows – gone are the days when women religiously shaved and plucked their brows to get the perfectly thin arched look. Today, bold bushy brows are in and they’re hot for spring! If you have naturally sparse brow hair, though, don’t fret. You can still get this look with the help of brow pencil / shadow and some brow gel. Just fill your brows in until you reach the desired fullness and set it with brow gel. Want something that would last longer? You can go to a salon and have your brows tinted by a professional instead.

bold bushy brows natural bushy brows dark bold brows

  • Long hair – springtime is the perfect time for romantic ‘dos and sexy, messy hair but you really don’t have much freedom to do all that if you have short hair. While you can always wait for your hair to grow back, there’s a much quicker solution to having long hair in an instant: hair extensions. Lots of companies are now coming out with really good quality hair extensions that blend well with your natural hair. They’re also super easy to use. just clip them on and style them like you would your natural hair.

luscious long hair red hair extensions