Beauty Tricks for Summer Worth a Try

Spring showers have just begun and I’m pretty sure not everyone is loving the bed weather, given that we’ve had so much of it in the past season so why don’t we skip spring for a little while and look forward to summer – the most fun season of the year! I’m pretty sure beach bums are already giddy just at the thought of summer. For beauty junkies and enthusiasts, summer is a lovely time to start going light on makeup and other beauty products. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to stop looking and being beautiful. Check out these beauty tricks for summer that are totally worth a shot.

  • Ditch the pool for the sea – swimming is one of the most fun ways to get fit and healthy and this summer, instead of doing your laps in the pool, go freestyle in the ocean instead. Not only do you get to swim more freely but salt water from the sea actually has tons of beauty benefits that you can reap. It cleanses the skin deeply, getting rid of deep seated impurities and it also flushes your ears and nose to guard you against infection. While you’re at the shore, why not give yourself a good exfoliating using one of nature’s best exfoliants: sand.

ocean swimming beack babe look

  • Do some self tanning – no time to actually hit the beach and soak up the sun? Fake your summer glow by doing some self tanning. Make sure you exfoliate from head to toe so that the tanning product goes on smoothly instead of being blotchy and uneven. You can also have professionals do your fake tan if you want the perfect, flawless look. Faking your tan can hide a multitude of flaws like cellulites, scars, stretch marks, bruises and more.

easy summer makeup

summer beach babe

  • Let your hair get frizzy – summer is most certainly not the time for sleek, slicked back, pin straight hair. This season is all about being messy, sexy, natural and perfectly imperfect so let your hair down and let humidity take its course. Do be a bit more cautious if you have colored hair, though, as the sun and the sea can be really harsh on it but for the most part, embrace messy, tousled hair. It is, after all, one of summer’s sexiest looks.

sexy summer hair messy beach hair

  • Be a little lazy with makeup – yes, we are encouraging you to step out that door without having your face done fully. Summer days can get super hot so unless you want to look like a hot mess by midday, go easy on the makeup and don’t feel obliged to follow your usual full routine. Skip a few steps and replace them with something lighter and, if possible, something that does the job or two or more other products.

fresh makeup look soft and light makeup

  • Invest in a good summer fragrance – this is something a lot of us take for granted but it’s one that’s guaranteed to keep you smiling even after summer has gone. Summer fragrances are usually alcohol free so they last longer and won’t dry up your skin. Once summer ends and you want to feel the joys of summer again, just take a whiff of your summer fragrance and watch your summer memories flash back.

beautiful summer glow lovely summer beauty