Bedtime Beauty Must Haves

Being beautiful is something we all want and that’s why most women have a makeup routine they follow to get them looking gorgeous throughout the day. But beauty doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond just your daytime makeup routine and extends until bedtime. That’s right. Your conscious efforts to keep and maintain your beauty should be practiced even at bedtime and that is why a bedtime beauty routine is just as important as your daytime one. A bedtime beauty routine is much simpler, though. You would want to load up your face and body with products while you sleep but rather, you’d want it to relax and breath

bedtime bedtime beauty

  • Lip balm – if you want kissable lips all day, every day, then you should definitely have a lip balm in handy by your nightstand. Moisturizing your lips is very important so that it doesn’t crack or chap when the weather gets too cold or too hot. Cracked, chapped, dry, chafed, flaked lips are the last thing you’ll want when you have such a gorgeous lipstick color waiting to be worn. Make it a habit to apply a coat or two of lip balm every night and you’ll discover softer lips in the morning.

lip balm


  • Makeup remover wipes – we all have those days when we get so tired and exhausted from our day that when we come home all we want to do is plop ourselves on to our bed and sleep. If you wear makeup, however, this can be a problem. Removing your makeup before bed is very important and on days when you just done have the energy to walk to the bathroom and wash your face, a pack of makeup remover wipes is perfect. Just take one sheet, wipe it all over your face and sleep! It’ll take off most of the products (and dirt!) off your face so you have less to take off in the morning.

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  • Eye serum – not everyone uses this but, believe me, you should! Your eyes are perhaps the most ‘abused’ part of your face when applying makeup. The skin around the eye area is super sensitive so you can only imagine what all that rubbing against, pulling and tugging does to it when you try to create the perfect eye makeup look. Even if you get enough sleep at night, it just isn’t enough to repair all the damages that has been done to your eyes during the day. Aside from applying makeup, your eyes have to deal with squinting, getting rubbed from itching, and many more that may cause it to develop wrinkles and fine lines earlier. An eye serum helps do more thorough repair and restoration for the skin around your eyes. it also helps rejuvenate it in general and lighten dark under eye circles.

eye serum eye serum application

  • Facial oils – forget about moisturizers. Facial oils are the newest and best thing to put on your face during bedtime. Oils are about 5 times more hydrating compared to your regular moisturizer. They’re gentler, more natural and they’re great for sensitive skin, too! They may be a tad more expensive but they’re surely worth the splurge!

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