Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Winged Eyeliner.

The winged eyeliner is one of the best ways to frame and emphasize your eyes. This eye liner style feature strong and bold lines that are perfect for when you want your eyes to stand out. However, the winged eyeliner trend can be a bit intimidating at first, especially for those who are still getting started with makeup. We have some tips here that you can try and use to perfect your winged eyeliner.

  • Start with pencil – a gorgeous winged liner is done with either gel liner or liquid eye liner. However, as a beginner, you can practice doing your winged liner with a sharp pencil liner instead. This will make it easier for you to erase mistakes. If you have a light hand, you can start with a pencil liner and when you have the perfect winged liner, start tracing it with liquid or gel liner.

rimmed wing liner doe eyed wing liner

  • Focus on shape – the shape of your winged liner is very important. The right winged liner shape can flatter your eyes and can also make both sides look symmetrical, although the latter might take a while to perfect. Aside from making your eyes look a lot prettier, the right winged tip shape can also highlight your cheekbones. The right shape should line up with the outer corners of your eyebrows.thin but long winged liner

thick wing liner

  • Get doe-eyed – a winged liner always looks better on people with doe eyes but don’t fret if you don’t have them. You can have the illusion of having pretty doe eyes by lining only the outer corner of your eyes and then use bright white eyeliner on the inner corners. This will give you a very subtle look which is perfect if you are wearing the winged liner during the day.

winged eyeliner winged eye liner

  • Simple lips with bold eyes – one of the most common mistakes that beginners make when getting started with the winged eyeliner is that they pair it with bright bold lips. However, winged liner should be paired with simple or even nude lips because it is already a statement in and of itself. The only time you should wear a bright lip with a winged liner is if you’re wearing a very thin and subtle one.

winged cat eyeliner winged liner

  • Go bold for nighttime – don’t worry about making mistakes when doing your winged liner for night makeup. Instead, feel free to just layer on your eyeliner until you get the perfect winged liner to achieve a fierce and bold look. Just make sure the end result will be as symmetrical as possible. If your eyeliner gets too thick, though, use makeup remover to get rid of your mistake and start over again.

winged liner and pink lips bold winged eyeliner