Best Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

A lot of women like to grow their hair long for their special day. This is because it’s easier to style long hair and there are more choices when it comes to hairstyles. However, if you’re someone who likes to keep their hair short and manageable but would still like a gorgeous do on your wedding day, you can always have clip on extensions attached to your hair. Who knows, you might even like it and decide to keep it after the wedding. Here are some of the best bridal hairstyles for long hair:

  • Bridal chignon – if you’re going for simplicity and elegance, the bridal chignon is the perfect bridal hairstyle for you. it’s a well-loved classic that a lot of women have worn on their special day, including royalty and celebrities. The bridal chignon is meant to be very sleek and polished to keep its elegant look.

bridal chignon hair bridal chignon

  • Bridal side braids – we all know braids do a great job in adding a romantic vibe to any hairstyle but who would’ve thought that they can be used as a bridal hairstyle on their own? If you’ve got a beach wedding planned (or anything that doesn’t require a formal setup), you can have your bridal hair in braids. Side braids are often the most popular choice and they’re also often adorned with rosettes or other dainty hair accessories.

side braids

side braids hair

  • Milkmaid braid – the Milkmaid braid is the best bridal hairstyle for women who want something very girly on their wedding day. It’s also a great idea to have this as your bridal hairstyle if you’re having your wedding in an open area because it will keep the wind from blowing hair on to your face. Depending on the setup, you can go for a sleek Milkmaid braid or a more relaxed and slightly messy one.

milkmaid braid milkmaid braid hair

  • Bridal ponytail – the ponytail is the most basic hairstyle all women use on a regular basis. It’s great for when you want your hair up for a quick errand / chore or for when you haven’t got time to do your hair on a very busy morning. The ponytail is often thought of as the perfect go-to hairstyle for women with long hair but when dressed up with curls and / hair accessories and a bit of styling, it can be the best bridal hair for someone looking for something very simple and easy.

ponytail ponytail hair

  • Bridal bun – another very easy bridal hairstyle. The bridal bun is perfect if you’re planning to wear a tiara on your wedding day. This is often the choice of brides who envision a fairytale wedding. It’s simple and it’s elegant plus it also makes pinning the veil on to the hair a lot easier, too.

top knot bun top knot