Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Having a round face does not automatically mean you’re fat or overweight. Some people simply have rounder face shapes compared to others, no matter how skinny or sexy they are. However, a round face does tend to make you heavier that you really are. Thanks to your hair, your round face does not have to be a problem anymore. With the right hairstyles for round faces, you can take your facial shape to your advantage and look gorgeous.

  • Long hair – long hair is often the perfect choice for women with round faces. Long hair frames the face and at the same time lengthens it which results to a slightly slimmer look. When growing your hair, go from under the cheek or longer. This will make sure that the length of your hair ‘pulls’ and elongates your face.

long hair long hairstyle

  • Layers – ask your stylist to cut layers on your hair if you want to slim down your round face. Layers that hit the earlobes or even lower will give you a very good elongating effect. Avoid going for very short layers because this will make the face look even rounder. Your stylish should know where your layers would start so you can trust them with that.

layered hair


  • Center part – parting your hair to the center can also have a slimming effect on your face. Notice that Mila Kunis always has her hair parted in the center which is why not a lot of people notice that her facial shape is actually round. Parting your hair in the center usually works best if you’ve got hair that’s a little bit longer than the regular shoulder length.

center part center parted hair

  • Side swept bangs – go for side swept bangs or fringes instead of full blunt bangs if you’ve got a round face. The angle that side swept bangs create help a great deal in making your face look slightly longer and slimmer. Side swept bangs also allow you to wear your hair in a bob, something that’s not highly recommended for round faces, because of the slimming and elongating effect it lends.

side bangs side bangs hair

  • Shoulder length hair – if you want a hairstyle that you can manage easily and at the same time can flatter your facial shape, go for a shoulder length cut. Shoulder length hairstyles are universal and they flatter all facial shapes. Of course, layers in this hairstyle would still help your round face look more beautiful.

shoulder length shoulder length hair