Best Makeup Tools

Imagine a world without makeup tools. Scary, right? I’m sure we could probably survive — use your fingers instead of an eyeshadow brush, heat a spoon to curl your lashes, and leave your brows bushy and full.

Your face wouldn’t miss what it never had, plus some celebrities show that sometimes being tweezer-less is a good thing.


Like I said, we could probably survive. But who are we kidding? If you’re reading this, you probably agree that makeup tools are the best invention since sliced bread.

makeup tools

To create a work of art, whether on canvas or your eye crease, artists will often reach for a brush. Specialized makeup brushes exist to help us apply and blend colors to create different makeup looks.

makeup brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes buy as many different brushes as you can comfortably afford. You’ll use your brushes every day, and you won’t regret having a variety from which to choose. We also use them to apply foundation, concealer, powders and blush.

Megan-Fox makeup

Eyebrow brushes have firm, angled brush heads like the tip of a marker. Use them to apply powders, creams or waxes to brows.


Used to cover blemishes and imperfections on the face, concealer brushes have a thin, pointed tip, much like a fine-tipped paintbrush.

kinds of Makeup-Brushes

Fluffy and soft, crease brush heads come in several different shapes, from thin and tapered to round and fluffy. The shape you choose will depend more on personal preference than anything else. Look for a brush head that feels soft against your eyelid and fits into the hollow of your eye.


Like the name implies, blending brushes are used to blend different colored products and to wipe out harsh lines. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not as firm as eye shadow brush heads, the heads of blending brushes are usually tapered. This will be your second staple brush


Let’s face it, applying lipstick straight from the tube is much easier than reaching for a lip brush, and sometimes you just don’t have the time. However, when you feel like rocking a deep, dark scarlet or a bright matte fuschia, a lip brush is the only way to go.

lip brush

It provides more control and precise lipstick application than a tube. Like concealer brushes, lip brushes have a firm, thin tip. For on-the-go lipstick application, look for a covered lip brush, which comes with a cover to protect the brush head while you’re traveling.

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