Black People with Blue Eyes

Can black people have blue eyes?Former beauty queen Vanessa Williams and actors Gary Dourdan and Michael Ealy are just some of the few African-American people blessed with blue eyes.

Considered a rare mutation, blue-eyed black and mixed people are considered precious commodities by their fellows.


So where did the blue eye gene start from? According to scientists, all people with blue eyes can be traced to an ancestor living in the area of Black Sea roughly 8,000 years ago. The gene, known as OCA2, does not necessarily result in blue irises. In fact, it is only responsible for halting the production of brown eye pigmentation.

Europeans have 95% chances of developing blue eyes, and some people point this to Neanderthal interbreeding. Other people believe that this happened because of the region’s cold weather and dark skies.

Although this is common in Caucasians, African-Americans can have cerulean eyes because of a number of reasons. Geneticists cite four instances that can result in this interesting event.

black girl blue eyes

Caucasian relative

The most common cause is that he or she has Caucasian relatives along her family tree. Even if your white relative is several generations away from you, his or her blue eyes can come out in a relative after a matter of years. So why is it a rare trait? This is because blue eyes are considered rare in your family line. But if your mother and father are carriers of this recessive gene, then the trait can manifest in you or any of their children.

black guy with blue eyes

Ocular Albinism

Another cause is Ocular Albinism, a condition in which an African-American is afflicted with eye albinism. Although this condition can look stunning, people who suffer from this disease suffer from poor eyesight. Men are the usual casualties of Ocular Albinism.

dark skinned girl with blue eyes

Waardenburg Syndrome

This condition can be the diagnosis if you have irises of different colors. If one is brown and another one is blue, then it’s a possibility that you suffer from Waardenburg Syndrome. This iris pigmentary abnormality is just one of the many signs of Waardenburg Syndrome. For the diagnosis to be definitive, you should also be suffering from hair hypopigmentation, sensorineural hearing loss, and lateral displacement of the eye’s inner canthus.

beautiful african american with blue yes


No, you are not part of the X-men if the aforementioned reasons don’t fit the bill. This just means that your eye color gene has changed – or mutated – and has resulted in your blue eyes. Gene mutation is rare, but this is an inevitability that makes humans unique.