Bleach Blonde Hair As You Loved

There are many who dream of bleaching blonde hair, and would’ve dreamed for days and years to do it but couldn’t afford the price to take a trip to the salon to bleach blonde, and are you one among them? Am sure you must be, since you’ve selected to read this and still continuing to read. Well bleaching blonde is no ore a distant dream, which is beyond the affordable cost, now bleaching can be done at home if you take some extra care, and get some help if you are doing it for the first time. Am sure you would love to know how and for sure take extra care as it has been your dream for years now, or just longing for a change in style and looks.

bleach blonde hair


Follow the detailed procedure to bleach blonde hair and am sure you can successfully do it at home and save so much dollars and use them for something else. Eager to know what it is , just continue reading.You can easily purchase good quality bleach at $40 or above, but always go for professional bleach brands rather than grabbing something from your house.

blonde hair

If you can find someone who can help you bleach your hair so that you don’t miss out any strands and cover the entire area would be good enough.Also make sure that before bleaching that you haven’t tried any hair color, other bleaches, or chemical treatments on your hair at least two weeks prior to the day you are about to bleach, for this may over do the chemical process resulting in damage of the hair.Wash and condition your hair well before bleaching and remember that bleaching is harsh and not to over use them, if you are already blonde just use a volume of 20 and 40 if you have a darker shade of hair. Mix the blonde bleach powder along with some peroxide, both of equal quantity in a bowl by wearing plastic gloves while mixing.

blonde hair

Apply the mixture on your hair covering the entire area on dry hair free of chemicals and hair sprays, for better-enhanced results.Start bleaching your hair by partitioning it into sections and by placing a piece of foil under the hair, this will prevent the bleach from getting in contact with the skin, which might cause itching or burning sensation. While applying just leave one centimeter from the roots and start the bleaching process.

blonde hair

Wrap the hair in the foil and leave it for some time, just open and see after every few minutes to see the process and once the foil turns yellow, and the roots turn blonde, you may remove the foil and wash your hair with any shampoo and blonde toner conditioner and make sure to rinse off the bleach completely.Let the hair dry naturally and you may apply hair serum on your hair.


This will result in a beautiful blonde bleached hair.

Bleach blonde celebs:

Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani bleach blonde hair

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen blone hair

Lady Gaga

Lady gaga bleach blonde hair

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton blonde hair

Christina Aguilera bleach blonde hair  with lavender streaks

christina-aguilera-bleach blonde hair  with lavender streaks