Stylish Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

Bob hairstyles are so stylish and suit almost any type of hair that looks healthy and good. Many of the short hairstyle lovers go in for bob hairstyles as they are simple to maintain and doesn’t take much time to style your hair, shorter the hair easier the maintenance. Yet bob hairstyles look good only if you perfectly match the style that suits your face cut, for there are many styles behind the simple yet complicated bob hairstyle. Long hairstyles can be easily covered up when the hair cut is messed up, but if your bob style is messed up, well it’s really tough to cover them up, so just choose the best stylish to style your precious hair.


This is one of the stylish bob hairstyles with side bangs, where all the hair is combed to one side and this can be highlighted with hair color in streaks. Doesn’t this look all trendy and stylish?

bob cut swept to sides
This bob cut hairstyle is another style, which looks extremely hot if you have a straight hair and the major part of the hair is swept to the side with heavy side bangs and this will suit those with long face cuts.

bob cut with heavy side bangs

This hairstyle is a even bob cut with front even bangs, which suits almost any face type and will look really cute.

bob hairstyle

Side swept bob cut with lengthy bangs in the front will enhance the bangs look and will give a detailed hair look, this will suit for both curly hair and straight hair types.

bob with side swept bangs

This is an inverted bob cut with asymmetrical bangs that looks trendy, stylish and funky too, if you would like to explore different styles then you sure shouldn’t miss this cut.


Who said celebrities wouldn’t love bob hairstyles? They love short hairstyles too, and in this picture you can see Katie Holmes in her short hair cut with curls and front bangs that looks cute and stylish, perfectly suits her face type.

katie holmes bob cut

Paris Hilton with her neatly combed straight hair into a bob cut with side partition suits the straight silky hair and makes her look amazing in the short hairstyle.

paris hilton bob cut

This is a long bob cut with uneven bangs, and layers that give a messy bob hairstyle look that looks cool and modish.

long bob with uneven bangs

This kind of bob hairstyle has a tapering look that best suits during summer if you opt for a short hairstyle, and almost every season if you are a lover of short styles.


This is a long bob hairstyle with zigzag partitioning and uneven layers.

zigzag parting with uneven bangs