Bodycon dresses – for curvy or skinny!

Bandage or Bodycon dresses: fashion tips

Do you want to look sexy and sultry in a matter of minutes? Then what you need to have is a bodycon dress, also known as a bandage dress. Short for “body conscious,” this sultry dress accentuates your curves and makes you look like a bombshell immediately after wearing. If you are new to this kind of fashion trend, you might commit a fashion faux pas that will make you look trashy rather than trendy. Read on these tips to help you out:

Balance it out.

herve-leger bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are tight-fitting, so should you add layers to your clothes, make sure to pick out the loose ones. Contrast is important in fashion, so if you want to chic in bodycon dresses, wear a loose cardigan or a tailored jacket to balance out your look.

Go to the dark side.

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If you’re not that confident about showing the contours of your body, you can pick a  bandage  dress in a dark shade. Good examples include black, navy, brown, dark gray and dark purple. These colors are great for conservative women, not to mention they also make you look slimmer!


Pair it up. The bodycon dress looks well when worn alone, but you can pair it up with other bottoms to revitalize your look. Harem pants look great with a bodycon dress, because it balances out your shape (as it’s loose-fitting in comparison to the slinky bandage frock.) You can also match it with high-waisted shorts and skinny jeans for a casual look, best for school or for a day out with friends.

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Wear it appropriately. Bodycon dresses are perfect for parties, but wearing it alone to school or work is not at all advisable.  Transform your look from sexy to respectable by throwing in a cardigan or a jacket, and pairing your dress up with cute flats.


For petite women: choose a spaghetti strap, strapless or broad-shoulder bodycon dress. Any of these styles will make you look longer. Further elongate your thighs by wearing high-heeled shoes.

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For long-legged women: pick a broad-shouldered bodycon dress to beautify your length.


Avoid chunky footwear such as wedge sandals and thick-heeled pumps. Instead, opt for sexy shoes such as stilettos. If you can’t handle the height, go for kitten-heeled pumps.


Kim Kardashian  and Jennifer  Lopez wears Cream Herve Leger Bandage dress


For women who wish to wear a busty bodycon dress, you can accentuate your collarbones and neck by wearing your hair back. This style will bring out your features and make you look sexier.