Bombshell Beauty: Tips and Tricks for Women with Blonde Hair

The blonde bombshell image has always been popular in TV and movies so it’s no wonder that blondes in real life sometimes want to recreate this look. The bombshell look is sexy and very gorgeous. It’s super pretty and is perfect for everyday. Whether you’re a natural blonde or someone who just likes to dye their hair blonde, I’m pretty sure you’re curious on how you can recreate this look and make it something wearable for your everyday look. Here are some tips and tricks for women with blonde hair on how to get the bombshell beauty look.

  • Warm up your skin tone – if you’re a natural blonde, chance are that you have a pale skin tone. To get the glowing bombshell beauty look, make sure you warm up your skin. You can do this in a variety of ways from applying products that will give you a fake tan to just using bronzer to nail the look to a T. If you’re looking for a more long term solution, self tanning may be for you but if you want something just for the day, bronzers should do it for you.

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  • Turn up the volume – one really easy way to get the blonde bombshell look is to make your lashes longer and fuller. Long, luscious lashes have always been something blonde bombshells sport and take pride in so if you’re going for the blonde bombshell look, make sure to hook up your natural lashes with falsies or loads of mascaras that will lengthen them and add volume.

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  • Get gorgeous brows – gorgeous brows are quintessential to the blonde bombshell look. Having beautiful and well groomed brows is a fantastic way to frame the face and really bring attention to the eyes. Make sure you do your brows in such a way that they look natural, especially if you’re not a natural blonde. How to do this? Choose a brow pencil / gel color that is no more than 2 shades darker than your hair color. You can also go to a brow salon to get the perfect eyebrow color to match your hair.

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  • Go for a light and natural look – the blonde bombshell look is all about showcasing natural beauty so heavy and dramatic eye makeup isn’t what you need. Instead, go for more neutral colored eye shadows and create softer, more natural looks. If you can’t live without color on your lids, pastel eye shadow colors can be used as well, especially now that pastel colors are in for spring.


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  • Sport a fun lip color – blondes are super lucky when it comes to lip color choices because they can pull off just about any color. If you’re going for the bombshell beauty look, though, you might want to stick to shades of pink for your lips. Barbie pink lips always give you an instant fun and flirty bombshell look but if you want something more mature and sultry, you can follow Marilyn Monroe’s steps and wear a sexy red lip instead.

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