Bridal Beauty Tips: What to Do Before Your Wedding Day

Every bride to be wants to look her best for her big day which is why you’ll notice that even when there’s plenty of time left before the actual wedding day, brides start to do certain things or add certain steps to their beauty regimens. If you’re a bride to be, you wouldn’t want any sign of stress or tiredness showing on your face on the day of your wedding, right? You’ll want to look flawless and refreshed and for that to happen, you need to start taking extra good care of your beauty at least six months before your wedding day. So, how do you make sure you look your best on your most special day? Check out our bridal beauty tips below on what to do before your wedding day.

  • Create a beauty routine and stick to it – at least six months before your wedding, you’ll want to create a beauty routine that will address the skin issues that you have and you’ll have to follow this religiously everyday for six months. in this routine, make sure to include daily moisturization, exfoliation and cleansing, at the very least. Also include products that are formulated to address your skin issues (e.g. fade pimple marks, give you a better glow, make your skin whiter, etc.). Invest in a skin care system, if you must. Doing this six months ahead will ensure you that there’s enough time for 1) the products and the routine to produce visible results and 2) change of products in case they don’t work for you.

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  • Book your beauty appointments – facials, spa treatments, mani and pedi – these are just some of the things you’ll want to get done before your wedding day so make sure you book early to get the date that’s most convenient to you. Facials can be done at least a two weeks before your wedding day, spa treatments will come in handy a week or two before, just to release the stress and anxiety of everything happening and mani and pedi appointments should be done a day before or on the day of your wedding so your nails look divine when her put a ring on it.

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  • Start booking for trial hair and makeup – if you’re having your hair and makeup done by other people, it would be wise to book beauty appointments for trial hair and makeup with several different people / places at least three months before your wedding day. Take pictures of end results so you can browse through each one when decision day comes.

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  • Whiten your teeth – it’s one of the simplest things a bride can do, yet so many forget, to make sure the teeth are as white as possible for the wedding pictures. You’re sure to be grinning from ear to ear on your big day and you’ll want to flash your best smile for the photos so having white teeth is a must. Go to the dentist and have your pearly whites cleaned, do whitening treatments at home and try to prevent getting your teeth stained heavily at least three months before your wedding day.

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  • Hair situation – hair length is one of the major concern for brides. Some want their hair super long on their wedding day so they can have some fancy hairstyle done to it, others like their hair the way it is while others like to go for the chop so their hair is nice and manageable come D-day. Whether you need to get extensions, get your hair trimmed or get them cut to a really short length, have this done a month before your wedding day so you have enough time to get used to your looks.

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