Celebrity Hair Transformations to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Celebrities are always the first people some of us turn to when it comes to getting inspiration for things like fashion, beauty and even hair. If you’re getting bored of your current hairstyle, especially if it’s something you’ve had for years, maybe it’s time for a change and what better way to decide on your next hairstyle look than to check out celebrities’ new ‘dos, right? Here are some celebrity hair transformations to inspire your next hairstyle.

  • BEYONCE – we all love those messy, sexy, wavy locks on Queen Bey so seeing her with something more ‘youthful’ like short, blunt bangs we were really surprised. She does look great but we think she should’ve tried those bangs sooner. For those of you out there who want to look younger, too, go ahead and copy Bey’s look.

beyonce new bangs beyonce new do short bangs for beyonce

beyonce bangs

  • LAUREN CONRAD – her gorgeous long hair allowed her to play with lots of different styles and ‘dos but this time Lauren’s keeping her color and changing up her cut instead. This new hairstyle which features choppy strands is more of a lob or a long bob and we love it!

lauren conrad lob lauren instagram photo

  • KATE HUDSON – Kate is going for the gold – rose gold, that is, — with her new hair color. She may have intended it to be pink but the new color against her golden tresses produced the perfect rosegold-y hue; something a lot of girls will be aspiring for, I’m sure. And if you think it’s just another dye job, think again! Kate and mom Goldie Hawn actually both added a tinge of rose to their locks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Way to go!

kate hudson hair rose gold hair hue kate hudson

  • KRISTIN CAVALLARI – isn’t it crazy how simply cutting off a few inches of your hair can bring back so much of that youthful look? Just take a look at Kristin Cavallari in her latest cut. A long bob and freshly dyed tresses. Doesn’t she just look at least 5 years younger?

kristin cavallari hair transformation bts kristin cavallari new hair for kristin cavallari

  • VANESSA HUDGENS – Vanessa’s always been playful with her hair. She’s had it dyed, she’s had it permed, she’s had it curled and then straightened back again. Right now, she’s wearing her hair at mid-length in a fiery red ombre color. Now, THAT is how you keep the Coachella spirit alive!

ig selfie red ombre black to red ombre

  • CAMILLA BELLE – my eyes couldn’t believe it when I saw Camilla with her dark blonde locks. It’s so perfect I almost cried of envy! We all know she was a gorgeous brunette but, boy, she’s one hot blonde! Camilla’s new fabulous hairstyle just goes to show that you don’t always have to go dark for fall.

blonde camilla belle camilla belle new hair camilla belle

  • HALLE BERRY – I know I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for a major hair transformation from Halle Berry since… well, since the first time I saw her, really. Halle has always had a sexy pixie but those extensions looked hot as hell on her! I think she should grow her hair and have more fun with it.

halle berry extensions halle berry new hair halle berry long hair