Celebrity Updos for Proms and Weddings

If you are going to the prom or if it is your wedding day, it is good to get ideas from celebrity updos. Celebrities always have the best groomed hair – even when their hair is supposed to look messy, they still manage to make it look immaculate. Updos are great when you want a change from your usual hairstyle. This is most important when you are about to attend a formal event. Here are some of the most gorgeous celebrity updo hairstyles that you can get ideas from.

Anne Hathaway’s classic celebrity updo is a look that would never fade away. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings. Plus, it’s practical because you don’t have to worry too much about your hair getting to your face.

Anne Hathaway Classic Updo


Carrie Underwood’s formal updo changes her look nicely. Formal updos are usually sleek, tailored, polished and high. It usually makes the woman look more graceful.

Carrie Underwood Formal Updo


Hayden Panettiere’s hair may just look like it’s just tied and twisted into a messy knot – well, you’re right, it is. This look is perfect for proms. The messy look can be achieved very well by women with curly hair.

Curly Prom Updo Hayden


Emma Watson has a pretty updo that suits her age.

Emma Watson Pretty Updo


Kristen Stewart has a French braid that joins with her messy updo on the back.

Kristen Stewart French Braid


Mila Kunis’ intricate updo is perfect for weddings – whether you are a bride or the bridesmaid.

Mila Kunis Gorgeous Updo


Miley Cyrus updo is a perfect hairstyle to have when you are going to the prom.

Miley Cyrus Prom Updo


One of the celebrity updos that you can have is Scarlet Johansson’s gorgeous hairstyle.

Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Updo


Selena Gomez has a celebrity updo which will also go well as a bridesmaid hairstyle.

Selena Gomez Bridesmaid Updo


Vanessa Hudgens puts a twist to the classic high bun. The non-polished look gives character to the hairstyle.

Vanessa Hudgens High Bun


Celebrity hair updos are great if you are looking for ideas to the hairstyles that you will wear in formal events. However, these hairstyles are not only for formal events. You can practice your celebrity hairstyles updo at any event. The good thing about most of these hairstyles is the fact that it keeps the face clean and the hair away from the eyes. The messier versions of the updos are perfect for teenagers and young adults as hairdos for prom or parties. The more complicated updos such as the one with the French braid or the French twist, you would probably need a hair stylist to do that for you. Nevertheless, the celebrity updos can inspire you that you can make your hair look gorgeous in any way possible.