Celebs Who Look Fab in Bold Brows

Not everyone is brave enough to rock bold brows and not everyone looks great in them. However, bold brows are one of the many beauty trends that are definitely worth a try. You don’t need to look like Ugly Betty and you most definitely don’t need to sport a unibrow to get the bold brow look. Bold brows don’t always mean bushy brows though there are those lucky celebs who can pull that off. It can be as simple making your brows a few shades darker than natural or a little thicker than usual. When going for bold brows, you can either grow them and go all natural or use your trusty eyebrow kit to create the look. Here’s a list of celebs who look fab in bold brows. Take a look and be inspired!

  • Camilla Belle – with her super soft and feminine features, Camilla’s bold brows indeed look great on her. It makes her look a little fiercer and a lot classier. Personally, I can’t imagine seeing Camilla without her bold brows anymore at all. The fact that her bold brows look so well-trimmed and shaped adds just the right edge to her overall look.

camilla belle camilla belle brows

  • Lily Collins – not everyone instantly loved her look, including her bold brows, when she first stepped into the limelight but soon enough almost all of Hollywood were into her naturally bold brows. Lily’s brows make her look so much younger than she really is. We also love how her makeup always looks so well put together with her brows.

lily collins

  • Cara Delevingne – if there’s anything we love more than her fun, quirky personality, it’s her thick, bold signature brows. While other models are constantly trimming their brows to the thinnest, finest, sparsest possible, Cara chooses to stand out and rock bold brows. We just love how her brows perfectly frame and showcase her lovely blue eyes, too.

cara delevingne

  • Brooke Shields – one of the pioneers to start the bold brow trend, we just couldn’t thank Brooke Shields enough for making this happen. Brooke started wearing thicker, bushier brows when everyone else in Hollywood was sporting those thin arched brows. A few beauty trends later, the bold brow was ‘the thing’ to be seen wearing.

brooke shields brows brooke shields

  • Lucy Hale – you just gotta love ‘em teen stars who aren’t afraid to try something that’s out of the ordinary and Lucy Hale is one of them. Though her brows aren’t as thick and bushy as the other fab women in this list, hers is as dark as the night. They’re so sinfully dark that even just a subtle smoky eye looks so sexy and seductive with them.

lucy hale

  • Gwen Stefani – we love Gwen Stefani’s take on the bold brow. Blonde hair + dark brows = sure win statement bold brow! Gwen proves to us that a bold brow doesn’t necessarily have to be thick or bushy or messy or whatnot.

gwne stefani

  • Megan Fox – she’s got it all – a sexy body, sexy eyes, sexy lips and those oh so sexy bold brows make everyone jealous of Megan Fox. Her brows are so dark and well shaped that they stand out from her very feminine features.

megan fox megan fox brows