Changes to Make in Your Lifestyle for a More Beautiful You

Being beautiful does not only come from good genes or using the best beauty products you can get your hands on. There are a lot of other things that affect your physical appearance and one of these is your lifestyle. You may not notice it but the way you live affects the way you look. Check out our suggestions on some changes to make in your lifestyle for a more beautiful you.

  • Sleep more – sleep is something everyone needs but a lot of people take for granted. With the very busy lifestyle that a lot of us live today, sleep has become elusive and has been considered by many as ‘optional’. At night, instead of sleeping, we choose to continue working, catch up on TV shows, surf the internet or party with friends without thinking of the effects lack of sleep could bring. Many restorative processes of the body happen at night while you are asleep and sleeping less means giving your body inadequate time to properly perform all these restorative processes. As a result, you age faster, look older, get slower metabolism and benefit less from the body’s natural healing and restoration process.

sleeping sleep

  • Turn to coconut oil for… everything – coconut oil is perhaps one of the healthiest oils out there that can be used all around. For lesser saturated fats, use coconut oil for cooking. For a natural alternative to your regular (and chemical-filled) makeup remover, use coconut oil. For a naturally soothing remedy to dry lips, use coconut oil. Need a moisturizer you can use all over your body? Use coconut oil. Want a an alternative to mouthwash with more benefits? Try oil pulling. With coconut oil, of course. The uses for coconut oil are endless. You can use it from head to toe and it’s a much better and a more natural alternative to those commercial beauty products you’ve been using all this time.

coconut oil

coconut oil use

  • Get more greens – consuming green, leafy, vegetables is very important if you want to keep yourself beautiful inside and out. These vegetables can boost your mood, clear you skin, cleanse your blood and your digestive tract and repair damaged muscles. If you don’t like chewing on leafy greens, you can also try making green juice and incorporate some leafy greens in it like spinach or kale.

eat greens greens

  • Drink red tea – red tea, also known as rooibos tea, is a great source of anti-oxidants so if you want to maintain your youthful looks, you better stock up. This kind of tea is also caffeine-free so it’s okay for those who only drink de-caf stuff plus it does an excellent job in relieving inflammation, treating uneven skin tone, blemishes, dry skin and most other skin issues.

tea drinking tea

  • Keep moving – if there’s anything you can do for your health and beauty that doesn’t require much effort, it’s being on the move all the time. Moving around constantly helps boost your heart rate and it also helps you burn lots of calories so you can have a fitter and trimmer body. Walk around, exercise at home if you don’t have time for the gym, do chores that need you to stretch out each and every limb. There are so many things you can incorporate in your lifestyle that would require you to keep moving around.

move moving