Classic Makeup Looks to Try

Makeup has always been a girl’s best friend when it comes to beauty. Makeup can enhance but it can also conceal. There are a lot of makeup products that you can use, some necessary and others a luxury. If you’re a big fan of makeup, you know very well that there are just some makeup looks that have become a classic over the years. These looks have never left the beauty and fashion world. If you want to try some classic makeup looks, here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • Red lips – red lips have a very sophisticated look about them. No matter what your skin tone is, there’s always a red lipstick that’s going to look good on you. Rocking a red lip needs more than just soft and moist lips, you also need the attitude and the confidence to carry this classic with style and elegance. A red lip is very versatile and can be worn with any outfit from casual to formal and everything else in between. Quick tip for well defined red lips: apply concealer on the outside of your lips to help with definition.

red lips look red lips

  • Flawless matte skin – a flawless matte skin never fails to give anyone a clean, sophisticated look. it’s very fresh and light which makes it perfect for day to day makeup. The secret to achieving flawless matte skin lies on your base and your finish. A combination of concealer (to hide spots), foundation and pressed powder is all you’ll really need to achieve this classic makeup look.

matte makeup

matte makeup look

  • Wing tip eyeliner – also known as the cat eyeliner, the wing tip eyeliner is one of the most popular and most loved classic makeup looks. It’s very easy once you get the hang of doing it and you can wear it any time, whether during the day or at night. The wing tip eyeliner is also a great way to frame your gorgeous eyes. Gel and liquid liners usually work best with this look.

wing tip liner look wing tip liner

  • ‘Just pinched’ cheeks – who doesn’t love a good rosy cheek look? It’s very fresh and light and it’s perfect for wearing during the day. To get this look, you will either need a liquid cheek tint or a highly pigmented blush that will show color with a light dab. Choose a color that’s closest to when your cheeks get pinched so that it looks very natural.

rosy cheeks rosy cheeks look

  • Smokey eyes – the smokey eye is the most worn eye makeup of all time. it’s so famous that it has now become a classic and a lot of variation of the smokey eye has also been created. Smokey eyes are very dramatic and they make a great statement for makeup. When wearing a smokey eye, remember to keep the rest of your makeup light and natural.

 smokey dramatic eyes smokey eye