Colors that Suit Skin Tone According to Seasons

Choosing the right colors for your skin tone is important, especially with makeup, if you want your skin to radiate, glow and look its best at any given day. Though with the right color combinations, most colors will seem wearable by any skin tone, there are just certain colors that really have a stunning effect on specific skin tones. Many women go by without really figuring out exactly what their skin tone is so every time they go shopping, they have to try on a gazillion clothes and makeup in different colors to see what works for them.

There are two general skin tone categories: warm and cool. Women with warm skin tones have yellowish undertones. Any visible veins on warm skin tones will appear to be green. Gold is the best metal of choice for women with warm skin tones. On the other hand, women with cool skin tones have pinkish undertones and the visible veins on their skin appear to be purple. Silver is the metal of choice for women with cool skin tones. Now let’s categorize skin tones according to seasons and see what colors work best with each one.

  • Winter skin tones – women with winter skin tones have skin that’s cool and clear. This category is where most Asians fall into as well as pale Caucasians. This skin tone is very stark and it looks best with colors like true black, navy blue, deep purple, dark reds, pastels and jewel tones like emerald, sapphire blue and amethyst purple. Women with this skin tone will want to steer clear from colors like beige, gold, orange and pale colors that can wash them out.

winter skin tone winter skin winter

  • Summer skin tone – summer skin tone is characterized as cool and muted. This skin tone has pale pinkish skin and is often common with women who haven natural ash blonde or brown hair and light eyes although most of the time, women with summer skin tones are blondes more than anything. colors for this skin tone include neutrals, lavender, rose, mauve, light yellow and light blue.

summer skin tone summer

  • Autumn skin tone – women with golden skin are often considered to have autumn skin tones. An autumn skin tone is warm and muted. This skin tone looks very stunning with earth colors as well as colors like caramel, beige, gold, dark red, olive, orange, brick red and ivory. Some colors that women with autumn skin tone should avoid include those that can make have a fading effect like pink, white and other bright colors.

autumn skin autumn autumn skin tone

  • Spring skin tone – for women with the spring skin tone, we can say that their skin tone is warm and clear. This is very common with women who have natural light blonde or strawberry blonde hair and clear light blue or green eyes. The spring skin tone is of an extremely light ivory color. Often, you will notice freckles and rosy cheeks on women with spring skin tones.  Pale, soft pastel colors look great with spring skin tones and so do peach, true reds, light pink, coral, aqua, clear blue and bright greens. Women with this skin tone should avoid dark dull colors like black and gray.

spring skin tone spring