Cool and Creative Lipstick Alternatives to Try for Colorful Lips

On days when you’re feeling down in the dumps, one really simple way to look and feel more cheerful is to swipe your favorite lipstick on. It doesn’t even matter if you’re going out or not, just having that bright color on your lips is sure to get you feeling livelier again. With all the news about the things in lipstick that might be posing harm on your health, though, we sometimes take second thoughts on whether to swipe some color on the lips or not. Good thing there are other ways to brighten up your look when you’re feeling gloomy. Here are some cool and creative lipstick alternatives to try for colorful lips.

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  • Kool-Aid – we’ve all had fun memories with Kool-Aid, that awesome juice drink, when we were kids but just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we can’t use it for fun (and refreshments) anymore! One really easy and creative way to add color to your lips is to dip a damp finger in Kool-Aid powder and rub it on your lips. Build it until you get even color and the color intensity that you want and you’re done! What’s great about this is that you get to try non-traditional lip colors without having to buy and get stuck with a lipstick that you won’t even get to use regularly. However, the color may not stay gorgeous for long so it’s better to use this trick only if you want color on your lips for a short time.

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  • Food coloring – if you’re looking for a really cheap alternative to lipstick minus all the gross chemicals in it, why not try using some food coloring / food dye on your lips. The process can get a little messy when done wrong but it’s real easy to avoid that. To do this efficiently and neatly, out about 3 to 5 drops of food dye on a small container, dip a Q-tip in and dab the Q-tip on to your lips to transfer the color. Do it quickly so you get the color on as evenly as possible since food coloring tends to dry up quickly.

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  • Eye shadow pigment – got an eye shadow pigment that’s too bold for the eyes? Well, then, why not use it on the lips? Mix a little bit of your eye shadow pigment with a little bit of Vaseline and dab the mixture on to your lips. You can also do this with potted / compact eye shadows but you’ll have to break it down first by scraping the surface.

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  • Crayons – yes, you’ve read that right. Using crayons is another really creative way to color your lips. Make sure you get the non-toxic kind, though, so you don’t get into any trouble. There are actually quite a few ways to get this done but the most effective way is to melt the crayons with Vaseline, coconut oil or other oils. Click here for a really easy tutorial on how to use crayons as lipstick.

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