Cool Eyeliner Styles to Make Your Look Edgier

When it comes to makeup, I’m sure that one of the things you spend the most time on is your eyes. You try to make sure that the eye shadow colors are all blended evenly and that your eye liner is symmetrical on both eyes. Using eye liner is a great way to frame and define your eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger and more lively and awake, too. Aside from all these, though, what else can you do with eye liner? Well, you can create bold and dramatic looks with it, for sure. Here are some cool eyeliner styles to make your look edgier. Check them out and try to recreate them whenever you feel like you need that ‘oomph’ in your look.

  • Thick cat eye – if the regular cat eye liner look just isn’t doing it for you anymore, try making it bolder by drawing a thicker line for your cat eye. This look is one of the most popular styles on the runway and it isn’t that difficult to do at all, especially if you’ve already mastered the regular cat eye. Use a liquid or gel liner for a darker and bolder line and so you can build the line better.

cat eye thick cat eye

  • Wing tip liner – this is pretty much just like the cat eye except that the flick towards the outer corner of the eyes is more sharp and defined. There are plenty of tricks to getting the perfect flick for a wing tip liner look but one of the easiest is to line your upper lash line with a regular line and use a piece of cardboard as your guide to do the flick.

wing tip

wing tip liner

  • Arabian – for a sexy, sultry eyeliner look, try doing the Arabian eyeliner style. This is an eyeliner style that’s very similar to the cat eye. The upper lash line is lined a little thicker, though, and the line extends sharply towards the inner corner of the eyes. The lower lash liner can be fully or partially lined, the choice is yours. For more precision, use liquid liner for this look.

arabian arabian liner

  • Egyptian – the Egyptian eye liner look is very fierce and a little tricky to create. If you haven’t got steady hands, you might need to do it a few times before you get it right. Just start by lining the upper part of your eyes like you would the Arabian liner style and as you reach the outer corner, bring the liner down a little bit and stop midway or a little further but don’t take it to the lower inner corner to keep the eyes ‘open’.

egyptian inverted egyptian

  • Graphic eye liner – there are hundreds of variations of the graphic eye liner look and most of them aren’t exactly for day to day makeup looks but they’re perfect for parties and other events that call for bold statement eye makeup looks. You can take inspiration from pictures around the internet for designs or you can also make your own. One great thing about graphic liner styles is that you can do whatever style it is that you are most comfortable with. For an even bolder and edgier look, use colored liner for your graphic eye liner styles and designs.

graphic graphic liner