What Is The Best Eyeliner

 How to choose  the best eyeliner ?

You will find a lot of nice eye liners out there that you may be interested in using. There are some that are a little better than others, so you may have to compare them.

Liquid eyeliner

You will see that there are some women that use liquid eyeliner.  Liquid eyeliner  comes with  applicator , which   looks like a pencil, but you can dip and use this to your advantage. Liquid is good over some eyeliners, but there are some cons with it. With liquid eyeliner you will risk poking your eye and it will burn really bad. The pro of using liquid eyeliner is that it washed off easier than others like pencil and the brush is really thin for use.Black liquid eyeliner  can sometimes be too harsh for everyday looks. Better to choose grey or brown.

Pencil eyeliner

Very easy to put on, good for waterline . With pencil eyeliner you will notice that you have to sharpen the pencil every few days or after every use so that you can apply the liner to your eyes. The pro for this is that it can go on easy and the pencil is really soft like a crayon, so everything goes on, but there is a con to using this product as well. You will find that it is a little harder to remove this from your eyes and the whole sharpening method may be a little hard to maintain. You do not want to sharpen the pencil to much or too little and at times the pencil can break.  You will get soft and nice line  but  pencil eyeliner will not stay  long time on oily skin.

Gel eyeliner

With gel eyeliner you will find that some women use this because they found something that they like using better . With the gel eyeliner you will notice that it is almost like the liquid eyeliner that we all use. This comes with a nice little brush  and a small gel like container that contains the liner. This is a little better and using gel or cream liners is definitely easier than liquid  eyeliner.    Handle the brush is very easy and you will get nice smooth line , perfect for everyday makeup.

Gel eyeliner vs Liquid eyeliner vs Pensil eyeliner

There are three different liners that you can use. My choice is gel eyeliner , I often have problems with applying liquid eyeliners! If you see the pros and cons then you will notice that some are the same, because you are dealing with something that you use all the time. Many women love certain products and you will have to use the one that you like. You even have permanent eyeliner on your eyes, but sometimes that is not a good place to have something permanent on your face, some actually get their eyes tattooed. You have to find the best eyeliner that suits you more and what interests you.