Crackle Nail Polish

If you have tried virtually EVERY type of nail polish in the planet, then Crackle Nail Polish – the latest fad that has hit the world by storm – is something that could revamp the way your nails look. With crackle nail polish, you don’t have to hire the services of an expensive manicurist just to give your nails the look that celebrities such as Katy Perry covet.

Katy Perry Crackle Nail Polish

With crackle nail polish, your fingernails (and toenails even) will show a jagged and “cracked” surface. What’s great about crackle nail polish is it contains ethanol, which makes this unconventional nail polish dry easily. The quick-drying effect of ethanol results in the rugged look of cracked nail polish.

Applying crackle nail polish is as simple as putting on your traditional nail polish. You need to remember that you need to apply at least two coats of nail polish. The first coat you need to apply will be the hue that will show “in between” the cracks once the polish has dried.

Remember to pick a base coat which is not waterproof, so you can attain the best “cracked” nail look. When applying the first coat, do so thinly and evenly. Applying the base coat twice will show less “cracks,” which will make your fingernails look unkempt rather than cute.

It’s also important to apply the crackle nail polish thinly and evenly. As with any other nail polish, start from the base to the edge of the nail for an even application.

To have the great crackle nail polish that expensive manicurists are known for doing, remember this rule of thumb: put a dark-colored crackle nail polish over a light base coat such as white, beige, or baby pink; and put a light-colored crackle nail polish over a dark-hued first coat such as black, brown, or navy blue. The contrast makes the crackle nail polish stand out.


If it’s your first time to use crackle nail polish, then experiment with one fingernail first before coating all your fingertips. If you’re not that adventurous with combining colors, then try these time-tested partners. The combination of black and silver, and black and gold are perfect even for the office, or if you plan on attending a formal function. If you want a striking and youthful look, try the crazy color mixes of orange and silver, purple and teal. If you want a more dramatic look, you can try alternating base and top coats for a more dramatic effect!

The possibilities are endless with crackle nail polish. With this fast-drying nail polish, your nails will never look boring anymore!

How to apply Crackle nail polish

1.Take clear nail polish and apply 2 layers  , wait until  your  base layers  is completely   dry .

2 Apply 2  layers of standard nail polish ( any color you want to go under the crackle layer ).

3.Shake well crackle nail polish and cover your nails with.

4. Apply last layer of shiny   and clear standard  top coat.


For a deep crackle effect  cover your nails with thick layer of shatter nail polish .

For the best effect The base nail polish color and the crackle polish  color should be contrasting .

Benefits of  Crackle nail polish:

-Easy to apply

– Cute nail design without any fancy tools and brushes

– Easy to remove with acetone

-Cracked nail polish looks cool!