All about Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is one of the highest trends now in nail polish.  Unlike regular nail polish, gel nail polish is applied in layers and each layer is dried under a UV light.  There are also gel nail extensions that hold onto the gel nail polish better than regular add on nails.  They come in a lot of different colors and even different designs.


Gel polish manicure

There are so many advantages of gel polish manicure .  When using the UV light, the gel nail polish dries almost instantly.  This defiantly cuts down on the time that it takes to paint your nails.  Gel nail polish also last longer than regular nail polish.  It lasts up to three weeks and doesn’t chip at all.  You can lengthen your nails with gel nail enhancers or just add the gel nail polish to your natural nails.  You can even add regular nail polish on top of the gel nail polish to change colors in between manicures and remove it with nail polish remover with acetone and not do any damage to the gel nail polish.  Gel nail polish is also lighter than regular nail polish.


How to apply gel nail polish at home:

1. Clean  your nails  with Acetone or  Alcohol

2. Apply  clear gel polish base  and cure  120 seconds under  UV lamp

3: Apply   layer of the color gel and cure 1 20 seconds under Uv  nail lamp

4: Apply another  layer of the color gel  nail polish and cure 120 seconds again.
5: Apply  last  layer of the top coat  , then  cure again  for 120 seconds under uv lamp.
6: Wipe the nail with  Alcohol or cleanser.

There are some disadvantages to gel nail polish.  The cost is usually expensive when done professionally.  It costs more than a regular manicure.  However, you can buy the gel nail polish and a UV light to use at your home which is only about $30 altogether.  If you want to change the color of the gel nail polish, you will have to remove the polish professionally.

Benefits of gel nail polish:

1. Gel nail polish is  Easy to apply ,no need  to buy special  brush .

2. No pain when dried with uv nail lamp;

3. Very shiny after  applying top coat;

4. Last at least 2 weeks;

5. Easy to remove at home

How to Remove Gel Nail polish

You could also remove the gel nail polish at home, but you will have to soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on the nail, and wrap the entire nail in aluminum foil(3-5 minutes).  Sometimes even after that process you may have to file off any polish that is left with wooden stick.  Even though gel nail polish doesn’t chip, when your nails grow, the newly grown nail will be colorless and very noticeable.  This usually happens after two weeks.

Lots of colors available (check on ebay!)


There are many brands of gel nail polish.  The most popular brands include Shellac , OPI Axxium, Dashing Diva Gelife, Akzentz,Gelish  and CalGel.  The OPI Axxium currently comes in about thirty different colors that are based on current OPI colors.  Dashing Diva Gelife has an array of trial kits to help you do the gel nail yourself.  Akzentz has over one hundred different shades of gel nail polish.  This also includes frosts, sparkles, and creams.  These polishes are odorless, diverse, and natural.  CalGel totes over forty colors that match original CalGel colors.  They also have Calcrystal which is a top coat that helps keep your nails in a good condition after all the UV light that is involved.