Helena Rubinstein Mascara vs Christian Dior Mascara – Review

Mascara is definitely one of the most essential aspect of your makeup. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this mascara, and I personally have been thinking about investing in a higher-end mascara, as much as I love Bobbi Brown and Dior mascara and, I do sometimes find that it dries out quite quickly. So, today i will try Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara and new Christian Dior Diorshow mascara. I think without mascara your makeup routine feels unfinished, just a stroke of it will provide you a delicate effect and when complemented with a complete makeup it certainly makes you a stunner. Mascara gently accentuates your eyes by lengthening, thickening and darkening your eyelashes!


Lash Queen Mascara Waterproof by Helena Rubinstein

Depending on the occasion or the activities lined up for your day decide whether you need waterproof mascara.

Waterproof is bit hard to remove but This  Helena Rubinstein  mascara is REALLY nice and gorgeous.

It’s makes look longer and curl up lash.I can definitely see more lash length and definition than I’m used to, and the colour seemed really rich.
It’s makes darker each lash hair but not too thicker.I really liked the hourglass shaped brush and it was easy to apply without getting it on my eye lid.
Lash Queen held the curl fairly well and did not smudge or fade throughout the day. It applies easily and does not get clumpy or gloppy.

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On further investigation, the Helena Rubinstein  team ( Helena Rubinstein’s parent company is L’Oreal  )  have formulated this mascara with light-reflecting particles to really draw attention to the lashes and make them stand out, and it really does work!

Is  Lash Queen Mascara Waterproof  worth the price? ( $26.00 at Amazon site  with reduction).  

I think Lash Queen Waterproof holds its own but while it performs well and looks spectacular on a vanity, it can  justify the price with reduction …

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Dior Diorshow mascara Review!

Price: 29.99,more expensive than Helena Rubinstein mascara , but not much..

I purchased this because I like the brand and used Dior Mascara before. I love the volumizing formula of  Diorshow mascara It’s easy to overdo it, but just one coat ( maximum 2 ) adds a ton of volume and definition. . My lashes stay soft and full throughout the day. I like  the rosewater fragrance, the pretty tube, the giant brush.. Dior mascara  lenghtens lashes and thickens them really well.

Two layers of Diorshow   black  turns my knees to jelly. The mascara excels at 3  things: delivering rich black  color, lengthening lashes dramatically and keeping a curl all day long.

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What’s your favorite mascara?