Crazy Lip Trends You Can Wear to a Fun Night Out

Going on a fun night out? Aside from a great outfit, you’ll need a stunning makeup look to stand out and turn heads. Now, going on a night out is the perfect excuse to go for really bold makeup and to experiment with different new lip trends so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you should definitely go for it. Here are some crazy lip trends that you can wear to a fun night out.

  • OMBRE LIPS – ombre has been a big trend in these past few seasons and apparently, you can put an ombre spin to anything with color – including lips. Now, there are several ‘styles’ for ombre lips. Some ombre lips go from left to right, others up and down and some have that gradient effect radiating outwards (or inwards, depending on how you look at it). Whatever style you go for, you just know this will be an eye catching lip statement. Click here, here and here to see tutorials on the different ombre lip styles.

ombre lips ombre red lips corner ombre lips

  • KYLIE JENNER LIPS – Kylie Jenner’s lip has been getting so much attention lately, we think it’s worth giving a shot. Though not entirely bold, her lips can sure make an interesting sight. Overdrawn to look full and plump, Kylie lips are the pretty much like Angelina Jolie’s except that they have Kylie’s signature color on them which you can apparently achieve by wearing either MAC Whirl lip liner or MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick.

kylie jenner lips kylie jenner kylie signature lip look

  • TWO-TONED LIPS – two-toned lips are perfect if you’re looking for something quick and easy but bold and fun at the same time. To get this look done, you basically just have to wear 2 different lipstick colors on your upper lip and lower lip. You can get a subtler look by opting for 2 colors / shades that are close to each other like red and pink or red and orange or you can get really funky and wear a combo like pink and purple or orange and magenta.

two tone lipst two tone glossy and matte lips two toned bold lips

  • GLITTER LIPS – have you seen the tube of lipstick that seems like it was made out of glitter on Pinterest? You’d think you can just dip your lipstick in some cosmetic-grade glitter and get that but it’s actually not that easy. I haven’t found a way to recreate that one yet but I have found several tutorials on how you can get your lips to look like you swiped that tube of lipstick on. The easiest way to get glitter lipst? Put on your lipstick, top off with gloss and dab some glitter on. Glitter lips are perfect for a night out makeup look. They’re bold, they’re sparkly and they’re ultra fab and glam.

glitter orange lips glitter red lipstick glittery lipstick