Creating a New Look with Avant Garde Hairstyle

If you are getting tired of your usual look, why not try an avant garde hairstyle? There are a lot of avante garde hair ideas to choose from. The avant garde style is quite popular among those people who are not apraid to express their creativity. For some, these styles may be too extreme. But there are some ways that you can tone down avant garde hair to be more wearable. More often than not, avant garde haircuts can be seen on runways, magazines and advertisements. There are a lot of professional hairdressers that make avant garde hairstyle their passion. It is not easy to do, but for the sake of art and creativity, these artists put their hearts to it.

There are basic avant garde hairstyles where the basic skill needed is braiding. When it comes to creating these kinds of artistic looks, little rules are applied.

Braided Avant Garde Hairstyle


With high fashion hairstyle, one cannot say that the haircuts are common. Anything goes, as they say.

Clean Avant Garde Hairstyle


These kinds of hairstyles are quite the opposite of the natural look most are aiming for. Here, hairstylists will use bold and unusual colors for the hair.

Colorful Avant Garde Hairstyle


Hair extensions and other accessories are used in doing these hairstyles. The choice on these accessories depends on the stylist’s choice and the theme he or she has chosen.

Creative Avant Garde Hairstyle


In doing photography for these kinds of hairstyles, most would prefer having to simply focus on the hairstyle. The other details of the photo are minimized, such as the background, the outfit and the makeup of the model.

Curly Avant Garde Hairstyle


There are high fashion hairstyles which are also wearable. Some view this as a commitment, to be different from everyone else, and to send the message of uniqueness.

Gorgeous Avant Garde Hairstyle


A lot of women still ask what is avant garde hair. This is one perfect example of an avant garde hairstyle.

Large Avant Garde Hairstyle


These kinds of hairstyles are not only for photography purposes. Others make good use of it when going to costume parties. It makes a good impact that how the hair is fixed is included in the whole package of the costume.

Twisted Avant Garde Hairstyle


Making a fashion statement does not always mean that it has to be about what people wear. Showing it through hairstyles is another thing one can do to stand out from the crowd.

Unique Avant Garde Hairstyle


A lot of hair dyes and hair products are used in certain high fashion hairstyles. This avant garde hairstyle is perfectly wearable for wearing for special occasions.

Wild Curly Avant Garde