Creative Hair Chalk Ideas

Hair chalking is one of the hottest craze that got a lot of womene experimenting on their hair more. You can buy a set of hair chalk, which is already complete with all the colors you could possibly want, at a very reasonable price online but there are also those sold in malls and beauty stores. Using hair chalk is a wonderful way to color your hair without the long term commitment and without the damage. It washes off easily with water and there’s no harsh chemical involved in the process. Here are some cute hair chalk ideas you can try:

  • Rainbow braids – if you’re looking for a fun way to spice your regular braided hairstyles, why not use hair chalk on them? You can create amazing rainbow braids, which look super difficult to make, with ease just by using hair chalk. There are two ways to create this hair chalk idea; the first one is to apply the color on before you braid your hair so the colors are more thorough and even and the second is to apply the color once the braids are done.

rainbow braid hair rainbow braid rainbow braids

  • Dip dyed hair – dip dyeing your hair is one of the easiest ways to add color to it safely. Normally, this is done with a juice mixture, Kool Aid in particular, but you can also get the look using hair chalks. Just rub the colors on the ends of your hair and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about blending and making a gradual fading transition line because dip dyed hair is often characterized by the harsh line at which the color starts and ends. This looks best on straight hair but could also work with wavy and curly hair, too.

dip dyed

  • Stylish streaks – if you aren’t ready to go bright and bold with your hair chalks, you can always go for a simple and subtle streak. Streaks are a great way to add color to your hair to make it more interesting. You can do the streak on one side only or you can do it on multiple places. Adding a streak of color to your hair is also a nice way to add a fun twist to it.

stylish streak stylish streaks

  • Candy hair – make your hair look temptingly delicious by creating candy hair using hair chalks. You can opt to do this with just one candylicious color like cotton candy pink or bubblegum blue but you can also do a combination of different colors to make it more enticing.

candy hair pink candy hair candy hair multi