Cute Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Bob hairstyles are one of the cutest hairstyles that you can have. Add bangs to it and you are one cute lady in all events. Bob hairstyles with bangs are also very easy to manage and some of them can be wash and wear hair. If you are considering getting a bob hairstyle and bangs, here are some of the cutest styles that you can have:

Angled bob with bangs such as this one on Katy Holmes is very young and fresh. The bangs are very smart, but not so sleek to match young and free women. 

Angled bob with bangs

Speaking of young hairstyles, this medium length bob with side bangs on Selena Gomez is very pretty. The straight bob with straight side bangs add charm to the look. 

Bob with side bangs

Asian hair is very appropriate for bob hairstyles with bangs because they have smaller frames of their faces. This is one of the layered bob hairstyles with bangs that you can wear even without styling or blow drying because the hair fall into its place naturally. 

Bob with uneven bangs

Another cute hairstyle if you want short hair is this wavy bob with bangs. If you desire straight hair, you can just iron it out anytime. 

Cute bob hairstyle with bangs

For longer bob, this layered bob hairstyle with side bangs is a sexy and sophisticated counterpart of the rather cute bob hairstyle. The tip of the hairstyle also adds chicness to the look.

Layered bob with long side bangs

A more sleek haircut will be this medium length semi-angled bob with layered sides. This look can give you a sophisticated Victoria Beckham look that will surely turn heads anywhere you go.  

Long Bob hairstyle with bangs

Rhianna had worn various hairstyles, but this long bob with side bangs is one of those that revealed a sweeter version of her look. Imitate this cut for a pretty hairdo.

Medium length straight bob with bangs

If you want short bob hairstyles with bangs, but would rather have the front potion longer, this sleek angled bob is a perfect choice. Add some highlights for a more chic look. 

Razor end bob with bangs

This hairstyle had been very popular during the 60s and 70s, but you can still wear this one for a modern retro look. if you desire more attraction  you can  have pretty highlights too. 

Retro bob hairtsyle

A perfect long bob such as this one is an excellent choice for women with oval or longer faces because the straight bangs makes the face appear smaller and the medium length bob does not overemphasize the tip of the chin. 

Sleek long bob with bangs

Create a new style in your look by getting one of these bob hairstyles with bangs.