Cute Bouncy Curled Hairstyles

Curls on hair, weather natural or made with the help of a hair tool, never fail to add a hint of girliness to any look. Curly hair is much more feminine and romantic to look at compared to plain straight hair. Adding curls to your hair also means adding body and volume to it and this is ideal for women who have straight but limp hair. Creating different hairstyles with bouncy curls also result to cuter ones because there’s more texture to it and they turn out more playful looking. Below are some cute bouncy curled hairstyles that you can totally wear any time.

  • Bouncy Bombshell curls – Bombshell curls are super cute and sexy. You’d often see them on Victoria’s Secret models when they’re on the runway. They’re those big and bouncy curls that look like your hair is being blown away from your face revealing your gorgeous facial features. When trying to get bouncy Bombshell curls, curl away from your face to get that ‘wind in your face’ look. This bouncy curled hairstyle is perfect to go with more romantic outfits for, like, date nights.

bombshell curls hair bombshell curls

  • Bouncy end curls – if you like adding volume to your hair just to give it that ‘oomph’, you should definitely try doing bouncy end curls. Bouncy end curls are perfect if you want curls but not all over your hair. It’s ideal if you’re trying to put more volume towards the end of your hair rather than in the body. Curling the ends of your hair is also a nice way to glam up the ends of a regular ponytail. This is often how the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wears her hair when it’s down. It’s simple yet elegant and sophisticated.

end curls

end curls hair

  • Bouncy vintage curls – vintage curls are super cool and they’re perfect for adding a bit of an old world charm to your look, no matter how modern. Bouncy vintage curls are not as curly as other hairstyles. Often, the body of the hair would have waves (big finger waves are the perfect choice to get an almost authentic vintage look) and the ends would have a really big, volumized section that is curled. The curls should be kept intact so don’t run your fingers through them and wiggle the curls out to separate them.

vintage vintage curls

  • Tight and tiny bouncy curls – for those days when you want curls but not the big, loose and romantic ones, tight and tiny curls are always a great alternative. These curls are super fun, wild and bold and they can give your hair lots of volume. When we say tight and tiny bouncy curls, you can think of it as those luscious and sexy curls that Beyonce has. They’re not to cutesy and girly but they still add a great deal of charm to your look.

tight and tiny tight

  • Bouncy bed head curls – bouncy bed head curls are ideal if you’re wearing second day curls. All you need to do is touch up your ‘do with the same hair tools you’ve used to create it and add on a bit more of styling product to hold it and you’re done! This look is super simple and it’s perfect for days when you have literally no time to style your hair. It’s messy but in a sexy kind of way.

bed head bed head curls