Cute Curly Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are very feminine and cute. A lot of women with naturally straight hair often opt to have their hair curled because having your hair curled can add a lot of volume, which is what you would want if your straight hair is kind of limp. Curly hair also has a more interesting and exciting texture and it adds more dimension to hair. Whether you’re getting your hair curled permanently or just temporarily or whether you have naturally curly hair or a salon-curled head, here are some cute curly hairstyles that you might want to look into, some of them might look good on you:

  • Curly hair with side fringes – curly hair with side fringes are very cute and country looking. It’s one of those sweet curly hairstyles you can wear that can make you instantly look younger. It’s also very romantic even if you just let your hair down on its own so it’s a perfect choice if you’re going out on a casual date. it’s also a great idea to have long curly hair with side swept fringes for bridal / bridesmaid’s hair.

side fringe hair side fringe

  • Curly ponytail – tired of the same old boring ponytail you sport everyday? Well, it’s time to spice it up by getting curls. Curl your hair before you put it up in a ponytail to get more volume. It’s also a great thing to do if you want your hair to look and feel bouncier. You can choose to curl all of your hair or you can curl the ends only. This look can take you from day to night very easily so it’s ideal for a full schedule-packed day.

curly ponytail

curly ponytail low curly ponytail hair

  • Curly hair with blunt bangs – blunt bangs may not be everyone’s best bet when it comes to hairstyles but with curly hair, blunt bangs work like magic in making you look younger. This curly hairstyle is very cute and fun. It’s sleek with a hint of sophistication and it works well with oval face shapes.

blunt bangs blunt bangs hair

  • Kinky curly hair – kinky curly hair tends to be very big and bold, so it you want to make a statement with your hair, this is the one you should go for. It’s also has a very sexy and exotic vibe. This curly hairstyle would often look best with darker skinned women, especially the beautiful African-Americans but there are those few lucky ones who are lighter-skinned but can sport kinky curls effortlessly and can look naturally gorgeous with them.

kinky curls kinky curly hair kinky curly hairstyle