Cute Hairstyles with Bows

Bows are the perfect hair accessories you can use to give your hair a more fun and flirty feel. They’re very pretty and feminine and they can easily be worn by ladies of all ages. Whether it’s a bow headband, a bow clip or simply a bow that you tie your hair around with, every woman should at least have 1 piece of hair accessory with a bow on it. Here are some cute hairstyles with bows that you can try for yourself.

  • A top know bun and a bow – the top knot bun is such a timeless classic but there are also many ways to style it and make it more dated and fun. One suggestion we have would be to place a bow right in front of your bun as a whimsical addition to make your classic bun more youthful and fabulous.

top knot and bowsmall bow big bun

  • Bow behind the bun – another way to make the classic top knot bun more fun and exciting would be to place a cute bow behind it underneath. This look would be so much cooler if you would also do an inverted braid bun and have the bow sitting right in the middle (on top of where the braid ends and under the bun itself).

inverted braided bun with bow

bow under bun

  • Ribbon bow tied ponytail – make you regular everyday ponytail more flirty and feminine by dressing it up with a ribbon bow. This look may be simple but it’s inarguably better looking than the ponytail you see every day tied with a boring elastic band. If you haven’t got a ribbon that you can use, scarves, strips of lace or even a bandana would be good alternatives. You can do this look with any ponytail style, whether placed high, low or on the side.

pony bowbow ponytail

  • The bow bun – if you’ve ever seen Lady Gaga or Snooki from Jersey Shore with their enormous bow buns, you’ve probably thought at first that those were only hair clips that they used. Whether it was indeed a clip or made from their own natural hair what matters is that it looks so phenomenal. This hairstyle has been so popular and copied by so many ladies, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. If you’ve ever wanted to know how it’s done, here’s how:

gaga bow bunbow bun how to

  • Half updo bow – another cute hairstyle with bow using your own hair would be the half updo bow hairstyle. This hair style is recommended for women who have long hair since lots of looping needs to get done before this style is achieved.  It’s a very dainty hairstyle that incorporates the cute bow in a very creative  way.

halfupdo bowbow half updo

Bow headband

hairstyle with bow headband