Cute Headbands for Women

Want to know ,How to wear and  make cute headbands for women and girls ,  then look here!

One of the fashion staples a girl must have is definitely cute headbands. Just like any other sparkly accessory, headbands for women can simply change your entire look. They come in different designs and types so it’s really easy to stand out from the crowd. Our hair without anything pinned on it would look plain and boring. Headbands don’t take much time to style your hair. In fact they’re one of the fastest ways to liven up your look. You just grab one and you’re good to go.

headbands for women

Turban Headband – Fashionable twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are one of the many celebrities who wear a turban headband.  Turban headbands are actually scarves or scrap pieces of shirts that were creatively and fashionable worn as headband. What’s more, they are really cute and easy to make! Grab your scarf, fold it in half and roll it up. Position it on the back of your head, bringing the ends forward and just overlap them. Next, cross them again and bring the ends back from the side for where they came from. Be sure to tuck the ends inside so it will not loosen up and you’re done!


Cute turban headband

turband headband

Glitter Headband – At some point I’m sure you found Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf wearing glitter headbands on the first few seasons of the show. It’s her outfit staple and since you don’t have to be a queen bee to pull off this type of headband, we’re teaching you how to make one! Pick up your favorite color of glitters and glue. Also, you will need a plain black headband for this one. Carefully glue the glitter into the entire headband. Don’t worry if at first it comes off thick and fluffy because it will eventually dry up. Feel free to experiment with different colors and designs! You can even add sequins and other embellishments to your finished product.

feather headband

Hippie Headband – Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Khloie and Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are just some of the A-list celebrities who love to wear hippie headbands. You don’t have to wear designer made hippie bands to stand out. All you need are some of the stuff that’s been lying around your art closet. So to start off, you will need an old cute and pretty-colored shirt of yours, some big ‘ol heavy book, your trusty scissors and beads. Cut off 3 long strands of your desired thickness of fabric from your shirt but also make sure that it fits all throughout your head. Tie them altogether with a knot and start braiding them. At some point, you will need the book to keep them in place. AS for the beads, you can just loop them in one of the strands and keep on braiding. Secure a knot on the other end once your done braiding.

cute headbands

DIY headband

DIY headband guide

There, we have dished out how to make headbands that will pretty much have everyone asking where you got them. Just flip your hair and wave.