Cute Ponytail Styles to Glam Up Your Look

The ponytail is one of the first things we learned to do with our hair since we were kids. Indeed, we’d all agree that this is the simplest and easiest hairstyle there is. The ponytail is very versatile. It can be worn lots of ways by anyone.

Wearing a ponytail lets you get on with your day without having to worry about frizz when it’s hot and humid and hair flying all over your face every single time the wind blows or hair sticking everywhere when you sweat at the gym. However, the regular ponytail can look a tad boring if you always wear it. So, we’ve got some cute ponytail styles that are sure to make your regular ponytail more fun, funky, glamorous and chic.

  • The knotted ponytail – this looks quite a bit complicated when you first look at it but it’s actually very simple. It looks best when done with a low, side ponytail. All you have to do is gather your hair into a low side ponytail and when it’s secured in place, part the tail in half and do a knot. You can do two knots if you have longer hair. Then, tie with an elastic band and loosen the knots up a bit by pulling gently.

knotted ponytail

curly knotted ponytail

  • Ponytails with side braids – take a 3” section of hair and braid. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail and incorporate braided section into ponytail. Done. Easy, right? You can do this with both sides or just one side.

side braid and ponytail

side braid pony

  • Wrapped ponytail – the wrapped ponytail is an easy way to dress up the regular, boring old ponytail. Its as simple as taking a section of hair from the side of your pony tail and twisting it around to conceal the hair tie. You can also braid or twist the section of hair that’s going around the ponytail for a cuter, daintier look.

wrapped ponytail 2 ways

side wrapped ponytail

wrapped ponytail

  • Teased ponytail – tired of the same old ponytail style? Go for the teased ponytail. Simply tease your crown before you tie your hair in a ponytail, give it a little bit of hairspray to hold its volume and its place and you’re done. Extra volume for and extra sexy ponytail style. You can also tease the ‘tail’ part of your ponytail for more volume. This work best with 2nd day hair as the texture of it holds the tease better.

big teased ponytail

teased ponytail

kim k teased ponytail

The hottest trend with ponytail styles today is to make it look messy and have a ‘bed head’ ,almost, kind of feel so don’t worry about having it all sleek and let those baby hairs go astray. After all, messy hair is sexy hair.

side ponytail

side ponytail