Cute tattoo ideas for women

Stylish and Cute tattoo ideas for women

Are you thinking of getting inked? Before you hit the tattoo parlor, you need to have an idea of what design you want, and where you want to have it. Sometimes, the sketch book of the artist is filled with ‘masculine’ designs that will not fit your style and femininity. To help you out, here are some cute tattoo ideas specially made for women.

Tribal tattoo

tribal  dragon tattoo for women


Butterfly Tribal Tattoos

These cute winged creatures are the top choice for women who want to get inked. And why not?

butterfly tattoo for women

These colorful insects are very dainty and feminine, and they can be put almost anywhere – on your upper arm, lower back, nape, forearm, or even your hips or feet.

Butterfly_ feet tattoo.jpg

For the perfect look, opt for a small yet colorful butterfly ink.

Cute butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo


stars -women-tattoo

Star designs are easy to do, and they can fit well with other designs such as waves, lines, curls, and what not. Having a star on two on your nape or feet does not only look good, this heavenly body has a deeper meaning as well. It means you’re striving hard to reach the heavens!


women tattoo roses and birds

Rose tattoo for women

Rose Tattoo for women

Beautiful blooms are also great tattoo designs for women. After all, they’re very feminine. Women have always been regarded as flowers – lovely and delicate.With this ink you can look very lovely and colorful all at the same time. If you want to make your tattoo your permanent accessory, you can ask your artist to ink you with interconnected flowers on your arm or ankle for a bracelet or anklet look.

Beautiful rose tattoo on neck

cute rose tattoo

cute Sleve-Tattoo-Design- for women

Female back sakura blossom tattoo

Female-back-sakura blossom tattoo

Beautiful bird neck tattoo design


Angel wings tattoo

angel wings tattoo for women





Women have always been fan of the art of astrology, and the study of the stars. Your zodiac sign defines your personality, and if you’re one who strongly believes in your sign, then your zodiac can make for a cute yet tasteful design on your arm, upper or lower back, nape, or even your upper chest. Another great ‘sign’ to have on your body permanently is the ‘female’ sign. This will truly speak of your femininity!

Heart, symbol of love

cute little heart  neck tattooTribal side tattoo for women

sexy Polynesian  side tattoo for women

Text or verses

Megan-Fox-shoulder tattoo

Multicolored sleeve tattoo

multicolored sleeve tattoo for women

Some women have quotes and verses they live by. If you believe in sayings such as “The Truth can set us free,” or “Love is blind,” you can have any of your favorite quotes tattooed on your body.

one word tattoo

Since these sayings can be three to five words long, it’s advisable that you have them tattooed in small fonts. Great places to put text tattoos include the upper or lower back, nape, forearm, hand, or even your feet.