Dare to Wear Blue Lipstick?

Women are so comfortable using blushy lipstick colors such as red, pink, fuchsia and others.  For some, blue lipstick can be too bold so some women never dare to use it. Blue lipstick has been introduced in 2008 in the runways and the color is really fun and edgy. Regardless of being hard to match with any outfit, using blue lipstick can be a fun way to express your self during extraordinary days.

If you plan to look edgy some time, these are the blue lipstick colors that you can choose from:

Shimmering Blue

Selena Gomez looks very cute and magical in her all-blue outfit during Paris Hilton’s blue-inspired party. Selena uses a shimmering blue lipstick to add vibrant to the color.

Selena Gomez Blue Lipstick

Some women don’t like blue lipstick because of being too sickly in appearance; however, using shimmering blue lipstick is very nice as it adds shine to the lips.

Shimmering blue lipstick

Royal Blue Lipstick

Want to be in a royal and stand out look? Then, use royal blue lipstick with your blue, black, brown, grey or white outfits. Royal blue lipstick is very chic and fun.

Royal blue lipstick

Light Blue Lipstick

For women who don’t want bold blue colors, light blue lipsticks can be your option. Light blue is very light and very subtle and brings out a younger looking you. This light, yet bright blue lipstick is very flattering to the lips because of the wet and wild look.

Baby blue lipstick

Speaking of light blue, baby blue lipstick is very soft and gentle to the lips. You can use baby blue lipsticks in your cute outfits for that pretty, yet extraordinary look.

Baby blue lipsticks

This lighter shade is also very chic and fun. If you are fair-skinned, you can actually use this very light blue lipstick for that complementing look.

Light blue lipstick

During fun night events or parties, a neon blue lipstick is also very nice as it makes your lips appear glow-in-the-dark.

Neon Blue Lipstick

If you desire unique shades of blue, this bluish-purplish lipstick is also very cool.

Bright blue lipstick

Dark Blue Lipstick

Blue lipsticks also look very bold especially when they are in darker shades. This dark blue lipstick is very catchy and sexy. If you are in your black or blue dress, you can actually use this dark lipstick for a more unique fashion statement.

Dark blue lipstick

This navy blue lipstick looks just very sexy and appealing. The water shine of the lipstick looks very chic for daytime or night events.

Navy blue lipstick

These colors are just very cool. So instead of using your conventional lip colors, you might as well use these during fun and unique parties and events.