Date Night Makeup Must Haves to Keep Him Looking

Whether it’s your man or just someone really special to you, you always want to look great and look your best when you’re going out on a date. What you wear will say a lot about you, especially if it’s your first date. Aside from that, though, your makeup also matters. You’ll want something that covers up your flaws just right, nothing too heavy or too dramatic and nothing too unevenly done, either. You’ll want your makeup to look so good that he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy but admit it, isn’t that what we want when we’re with our men? Here are some date night makeup must haves that will keep him looking at you and you alone. You could stash these away in your purse so you can conveniently bust them out for quick touch ups.

  • Stunning lipstick – a red lip is perfect for date nights because 1) it looks good on just about everyone and 2) the color is amazing and stunning. If you aren’t confident about rocking a red lip, though, that’s fine. Just make sure you take a lipstick with you in the color you think looks best on you whenever you go out for a date night. Some women like pink lipsticks better than red ones while others like to be bolder with orange – the choice is up to you.

nice red lip pretty lip color

  • Blush – of all the products you use on your face to get the perfect date night makeup look, blush fades and disappears the quickest. This is why carrying a blush in your purse all the time is a good idea. You can touch up anytime and sport that glowing rosy look that all men love to see on women. Take a blush that’s not too pigmented. You’ll want to achieve a naturally flushed look, not a clownish look.

bronzy coral blush

rosy flushed cheeks

  • Travel sized hair brush – as much as we all want to look great on a date night, I highly recommend that you don’t get your hair up into some complicated, fancy hairstyle. You never know what you’ll be up against, especially this spring. Gusty winds, humid air, spring showers – all these can make your hair look crazy. Keep your hairstyle simple and carry a travel sized hair brush in your purse so you can smoothen out your hair anytime you need to. Plus, nothing beats smooth and silky hair. Your date won’t just keep looking, he might even get the urge to touch your hair.

simple date night makeup date night makeup

  • Eyeliner – eye to eye contact during a conversation on date night is super romantic and men really like it when they are able to look at a woman’s eyes without her turning away or anything. Make sure your eyes tantalize him by lining and defining them with eyeliner. It’s an easy step that’s guaranteed to keep his eyes locked with yours all night.

wing tip eyeliner bold flicked liner

  • Concealer – perfect and flawless – that’s how we want your makeup to be so that your guy wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you but if your makeup from the day happens to fade and your blemishes start to show, you may not be confident enough to let your date stare at you throughout the night. Make sure you’re always flawless by carrying a concealer stick with you in your purse and touch up on the areas that need to be concealed as needed.

lovely date night makeup flawless face makeup