Different Hair Bun Styles

With so many different bun styles, you’ll have plenty to experiment with, depending on whether you need a bun for a casual outing or a formal affair. If you are heading to a wedding, a chignon or French twist will give you a chic look.

On the other hand, if you are about to attend a laid-back affair, a messy bun or side bun may work better.


Buns appear in many styles, from double buns on the side of the head, to braided buns, buns where hair is coiled, or simply swept around the base.

Jamie Lynn - Low bun haircut

They can appear on the top, nape, or side of the head, and are most usually secured with bobby pins but can also be secured with more ornate choices like hair sticks, chopsticks, combs and hair decorations.

ballerina bun

A basic bun usually consists of hair drawn to the nape of the neck or back of the head and gathered into a ponytail. The hair is then coiled along the length and allowed to curl back over itself, creating an even circle.


The tail is tucked underneath the coil and the whole bun is then secured to the scalp, either by pins or an interweaving hair accessory.


This is an easy way to wear your hair when you prefer not to have it down or if your hair isn’t washed. It looks put together and somewhat formal, yet can be worn very casually, making it an excellent style to bridge all the aspects of your day.

hair bun

Chignon buns are elegant. They can be achieved by gathering your hair back as if you were putting it into a ponytail. Twist the hair around clockwise until you cannot twist it anymore. Loop the twisted hair around and around into a bun. Using hair pins or decorative hair sticks, secure the bun in place.


A messy bun is a laid-back look that works for casual outings. To style your hair into a messy bun, work with the natural texture of your hair and finger comb your hair back into a low ponytail. Allow pieces to fall out around your face for a casual feel.


Twist the bun into place, and secure it with bobby pins or a hair clip of your choice. If your hair is exceptionally frizzy or unruly, use a styling cream or other product throughout your hair prior to styling to help it stay in place.


Side buns have been seen everywhere from weddings to red carpets. Create a side bun by gathering hair into a loose, side ponytail and wrapping hair around the ponytail hairband, similar to how a simple bun is styled.